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What do you immediately think of when I say the words “frat president”? The thoughts of a stuck up white male who lives off his daddy’s money may come to mind, at least it came to my mind, until I met Scott. He’s a normal down to earth guy who just happens to also be a fraternity president. He doesn't walk around campus in pastel shorts and definitely isn’t decked out in Vineyard Vines, but he is proud to be apart of the brotherhood of Sigma Tau Gamma. Let’s find out some more about Scott:


Name: Scott Gingras

Major: Marketing

Year: Junior

Hometown: York, PA

Why Behrend?: I was originally a software engineering major and Behrend was the only Penn State Campus who offered it, but I eventually switched majors and decided to stay because of the friends and brothers I have made here.  

What do you want to do after college?: Some type of advertising job.

What do you do in your free time?: A lot of philanthropy events for Sig Tau and working with the brothers of Sig Tau.

Celeb Crush?: My girlfriend is my crush. But if I had to pick, Mila Kunis.

Scott and his girlfriend


Dogs or Cats?: Dogs, obviously.

Favorite Musician?: Highly Suspect

Favorite Food?: Pizza

Favorite Season?: Summer

Favorite Show to Binge?: Mad Men

Why did you join Greek Life?: A lot of my friends did and it seemed fun to join an organization on campus.

What drew you towards Sigma Tau Gamma?: The guys were awesome and I really enjoyed spending time with them.

What made you want to take on leadership and the presidency of Sig Tau?: At the surface level, it looks really good on a resume to have a leadership position in an organization. But I mainly wanted to have leadership because I saw a chance for me to make a change for the better and I care about the guys so I figured that the best thing I could do is to help guide them in the right direction.

Scott and his fraternity brothers

Do you think there are stereotypes of frat guys?: Without a doubt, yes.

Do you think you fit any of them?: No, I feel like I never fit into the "frat bro" stereotype or any of them; neither does anyone in Sig Tau

Where do you see Sig Tau’s future with you leading them?: I would like to see us get an official house, be even more involved in philanthropy and service, and have an even better brotherhood who are more involved on campus. I also have large goals that are more internal that I would like to achieve.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?: Somewhere warm or travelling.

Do you think Greek Life will help you in your future?: I think it has already helped me by teaching me great principles, how to manage an organization and many other skills that will help me in future endeavours.

Favorite Behrend memory?: I have a lot of memories but overall, being able to spend time with my brothers and meet new people on campus.

Megan Kirk

PS Behrend '21

Cheerleading. Boybands. True Crime. Makeup. College Football. Basic AF.
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