Professor Phil Stuczynski

Although most morning classes are the worst and make students want to jump off a cliff, there is a professor at Behrend who has changed the game. He is sarcastic, witty and makes you actually want to go to class, even if it's finance and at 9 am. Phil Stuczynski is a great professor and we hope you enjoy reading a little bit more about him.

Name: Phil Stuczynski

Job Title: Lecturer of Finance


  • Bachelor Degree in Finance (Behrend)

  • Master's Degree Business Administrations (Behrend)

Hometown: From Erie, PA


How long have you been at Penn State?

Uhhhh… 5 years?


What interests you about finance?

I wanted to help people with money. As you know people don't like math and numbers which is crazy because so much of your life is spent spending and receiving money, yet so many people don't want to think about it. So I want to help make people understand finance and why it is important. Oh and like to have a good time too.


What made you start teaching?

Well, originally I thought I was going out into the world and do something with my Finance degree... and then I didn't. A great opportunity came available and over time this is where I ended up.


What's the craziest thing a student has done?

I had a personal friend be in my class once. He didn't realize I was his teacher either until he got to class. I also always have students who don't come to class and who will only come on exam days. Once,  a student came to a final who I have literally never seen before in my life and then he turned in his exam and asked if he could get an A. He had no higher than a 20% in the class.


Why do you like teaching?

Students are fun and for the most part, they care. You guys want to understand, you're more curious and when you work in the real world, people just want answers. Like if you’re a consultant, people are coming to you and asking about their money but they really just want to know totals.


Does working as a teacher affect your personal life?

Not really, It’s actually very cool because it’s pretty flexible. I am always available. I get emails 24/7 and I always have stuff going on yet I can always just work from home so I do get to spend a lot of time with my daughter and I can take her to the doctors or the grocery store or really just spend time with her.


Last Question, what would be your advice to students reading this?

Think ahead. A Lot of you guys focus on the next step or even the current step and don't think about the far future. For example, people plan on getting jobs but they don't think about actually living with that job. Just look ahead and think about the bigger picture.


Thanks Professor Stuczynski for the interview! And thanks for being a great professor!!!