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Preparing For The First Valentine’s Day Together

I am, admittedly, a lover of valentine’s day. Regardless of my relationship status, I think taking a day to recognize people in your life that you love and appreciate is important. That being said, I did not realize the amount of pressure I would feel when a Valentine’s Day with someone I’m actually in a relationship with came around. A week away, I still am going over details about how I want the day to go.

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My game plan is to keep things low key- It’s a new relationship so I don’t want to necessarily go all out on Valentine’s Day. Plus, I’m a big proponent of picking up little things that remind you of your person wherever, so for Valentine’s Day I want to do something that is more than a gift. After a couple of days pondering things over, and subsequent weeks pondering the logistics of the day over, I’ve finally come to a decision. I’m going to wake myself up early in the morning, make a to-go breakfast intended to be brought with me and my boyfriend to Presque Isle to watch the sunrise. He loves nature and is often outside, plus I’m known for easily sleeping in until 2 pm on an early day.  The best of worlds, I think this will be a cute way to start the day. As an added bonus, It’s early enough that I can go back to bed and wake up to later to actually start my day. 

There is a weird stigma surrounding Valentine’s Day, especially when in a new relationship. There’s a pressure for things to go perfectly and to act as this holiday is a stepping stone for the relationship. In my opinion, though, I think Valentine’s Day can be as simple as doing something out of the ordinary. It can make both people feel happy and complete, and I’m excited to have someone (that’s not just my friend) to delve more into the romantic side of Valentine’s Day- I actually have someone to feel mushy and gushy about. 

I remember my sister was anxious about celebrating Valentine’s Day with her first boyfriend in high school. She didn’t know what to get her boyfriend because she thought it needed to be something expensive or really nice. What she ended up doing, thanks to guidance from my mother, was getting him a pair of socks with a reference to a show they both liked and a small notebook. She filled the first couple pages with little notes, but she left the rest of the notebook blank for him to use. This, to me, is the perfect combination of something relatively cheap and small while simultaneously being thoughtful and endearing. I think that sentiment is one to remember while thinking about what to do for your significant other on Valentine’s Day- do what you think they’ll appreciate (and if they just appreciate the material things, maybe they’re not it). That also may be useless information- this is my first time at this whole relationship thing!


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