The Podcasts you Should be Listening to

I don’t know what it is but I have become OBSESSED with podcasts in the past few months. I basically listen to them all day, every day. Cleaning, doing homework, driving, walking on campus, etc. are all tasks where find myself listening to different podcasts. I love the idea of either getting advice, learning something new, having background noise or having a good laugh! Here’s just a few of the podcasts that I recommend to my friends and family, but there’s thousands of podcasts out there so hopefully some of these can help you pick one to listen to!


True Crime 

One of my favorite genres of podcasts is true crime. I don’t know what it is but figuring out a case, knowing about serial killers and getting inside the mind of some of the most deranged people really intrigues me. Also I have a weak stomach so only having to hear the details but not have to see them, makes it a lot easier for me to enjoy. On this list, I included a few different types and different formats of telling stories. Some on this list tell stories within one episode, while others spread out the details of true crime throughout multiple episodes to really build the story. 

  • My Favorite Murder with Georgia Hardstark and Karen Kilgariff 

    • These two women are hysterical and understand that they’re a little f**ked up for loving talking about murder, BUT their podcast has become so popular and they have so many listeners that they’ve done live shows and have a huge following. Basically the whole podcast is set-up where each of them go through one of their “favorite” murders or true crime happenings (for example their first episode was on Jon Benet Ramsey) and discuss what about it sticks with them or makes them wonder. If it’s an unsolved crime they also talk about what their theories are on ‘who done it?’. 

Source: Wikipedia  

  • And That’s Why We Drink 

    • This podcast is also very similar to My Favorite Murder where one host describes a true crime case that they have been interested in, BUT the other host also describes a paranormal happening that they are also interested in. They also encourage listeners to grab their “drink of choice”, the hosts choose wine and milkshakes respectively. Hence the title, “And That’s Why We Drink” because there’s some f**ked up s**t out there, so the hosts drink to forget the crazy, a practice that I support. 

Source: Stitcher

  • Serial 

    • I only just started listening to this podcast based off of a friend’s recommendation (thanks Sam!). I’m only on episode one, but I can’t deny that I’m listening to it while also writing this entire article, oops! Basically, this podcast takes you through episode by episode on the same story to really dive deep. They interview people: character witnesses, old lawyers, and even the suspected killer himself! This podcast is almost a way for listeners to follow along and create their own theories and suspicions on the ultimate true crime question, ‘who done it?’. 

Source: WNYC Studios

  • Dirty John

    • Dirty John is also set up as a story-telling and plot building podcast. Each episode is one part to the true story of how John Meehan terrorized his new wife and her family. It is really good at exposing how criminals are very good at pretending to be someone their not. It also deals with domestic abuse and violence so if you are sensitive to those topics, I would advise you to stay away. The podcast was such a hit, they even made a Bravo scripted-series based off of it!



Source: Apple Podcasts


If you’re looking for something to make you laugh, give you some comedic relief in your day or give some interesting advice, these are definitely the podcasts for you! Two out of three on this list are Youtubers turned Podcasters. Both are hilarious pairs that can crack you up in a second!

  • Tiny Meat Gang with Cody Ko and Noel Miller

    • This YouTube pair are hysterical! They’ve had multiple of their comedy videos go viral, especially their series called “That’s cringe” where they react and joke about other people’s videos. They also use the name “Tiny Meat Gang” for music, you may have heard their song “Walk Man” on TikTok, as well as any other of their songs from their album. This podcast is basically a free for all where they talk about anything and everything, and joke the whole way through it. These two are able to bounce jokes off of each other out of anything and make listeners laugh the whole way through. My favorite is when Noel gives his opinion and review on “The Bachelor” and all the other shows in the franchise! They’re doing so well with this podcast and their music that they’re going on tour and doing live shows around the country! 

Source: Apple Podcasts

  • Views with David Dobrik and Jason Nash

    • Another set of comedy Youtubers also have a podcast. This podcast is interesting for many different reasons: firstly, you have two hosts, one who is 23 and one who is 46. Their age difference causes a lot of fun banter between the two because of how different they are. Despite their differences, their both so funny and have such a large following for a reason. If you haven’t yet, I would check out this podcast as well as their videos on YouTube. Their fanbase is huge and they get mobbed basically at any college campus that they visit (or anywhere for that matter), they’ve been able to travel and do live shows all over the country as well! 

Source: Twitter


  • Call Her Daddy with Alexandra Cooper and Sofia Franklyn 

    • This podcast is probably my favorite to listen to! It’s funny, really raunchy (you’ve been warned), and it’s helpful! These two girls KNOW what their talking about when it comes to dating, sex, and overall life advice. You might be questioning why I put it in the comedy section? I did this because they give this advice all with a comedic twist and slightly make fun of some people (sorry not sorry). It’s perfect for any guy or girl trying to navigate social media, dating apps, sex, and any part of their love life. Alex and Sofia got you covered. Everyone I’ve recommended this to has ended up loving it, eventually. Some people might think that it’s too much at first but you’ll learn to love it and you’ll thank me later when you become part of the #DaddyGang.

Source: Apple Podcast


I think it’s pretty self explanatory why I like to listen to lifestyle type of podcasts. Some of them are to help me better myself and teach me new things. Some are strictly for entertainment purposes because it’s basically just an audio only vlog about other people’s lives, which I love. A few of these are from Youtubers, just like the comedy ones, some are bloggers and one is a well-known journalist. 

  • Gals on the Go with Danielle Carolan and Brooke Miccio

    • This podcast is great for anyone in college or new to the post-grad life. Danielle and Brooke are both vloggers on YouTube who both go or went to the University of Georgia. They give advice about living busy lives and how to keep yourself organized, dating in college, and basically anything and everything. It’s so great and anyone who I’ve recommended it to has absolutely loved it! 

Source: Apple Podcasts

  • Pretty Basic with Remi Cruz and Alisha Marie

    • Also Youtubers, Remi and Alisha take you through their “Pretty Basic” lives, explaining what a 307 guy is, dating in LA, being a vlogger, and basically anything and everything in between. I love listening because I’ve watched Remi for forever now and absolutely love literally anything she does, but you don’t necessarily have to watch them on YouTube to be able to enjoy their podcast. I think they do a great job at explaining anything you might have missed from their videos. 

Source: Variety

  • 10% Happier with Dan Harris

    • You might recognize Dan Harris’ name if you watch Good Morning America, he’s one of the weekend anchors and now has segments about making your life 10% Happier! This is another one of my absolute favorite ones to listen to! Dan is a self-described fidgety and anxious news anchor who had a panic attack on live television. After that experience, he began to meditate and begin his journey to make his life “10% Happier”. The podcast consists of him interviewing other people who also meditate and what their experience has been, this podcast has opened my eyes to the realm of meditation and calming my mind to be able to make myself happier. I’ve fallen in love with this podcast and learn more! He also has a book and app with the same name that I’ve been dying to try, check it out and see if you get as hooked as I have! 


        Source: Apple Podcast

  • Gen Z Girl by Abby Asselin 

    • This podcast JUST started, like last week. Abby is also a YouTube vlogger who is currently in college at the University of Alabama. I’ve been watching her for almost three years now so when I found out she created a podcast, I immediately stopped what I was doing to give it a listen. It was only one episode but I do know that it’ll be good, so I would suggest listening to this episode ASAP and keeping up-to-date with her uploads! 

Source: Spotify


Hopefully one of these (or the thousands of others) will find you some happiness or joy and you’ll fall in love with listening to them too!!