Perfect Match or Total Trainwreck: 5SOS X Chainsmokers Tour

Right around this time last year, many 5SOS fans were freaking out over the return of their favourite band after a few year hiatus. However, now many of those same fans are in an uproar and a sort of boycott, on 5sos next adventure.

5 Seconds of Summer recently released a song with the Chainsmokers, out of the blue, Who Do You Love. With a catchy beat, and an amazing drop, it quickly became a hit song. 5 Seconds of Summer gave this song another era and it became a completely new musical phase for the band, changing their style and releasing new promos videos and content. Ashton dyed his hair pink, and Calum bleached his blonde, they filmed a cinematic video in the desert and all their social media accounts were revamped to reflect this. At the first mention of the song and the tease of the new version of 5SOS, most fans became very excited to start this new journey with them.


However, when the Chainsmokers name started to be thrown in the mix, many fans got very confused but seemed to not let it get to them. If anything, it seemed like the confusion was just about the song. Fans seemed more worried about hyping the new song their favs just dropped, even though it had the Chainsmokers name on it. Then only a few weeks later the fandom decided they were no longer okay with the partnership of these two bands. The bands announced a worldwide tour under the Chainsmokers name featuring 5 Seconds of Summer. The fandom did a complete 180 and started to boycott the tour and refused to buy tickets. 


Fans did not hold back speaking out about this on Twitter. Everyone was furious about this collaboration and had no clue why 5SOS would be supporting the Chainsmokers and not the other way around.

The bands seemed excited about this new adventure and were happy to get started on this new chapter together. The backlash from fans was very harsh and resulted in angry fans attacking the band's personal lives, forcing Ashton to turn off the comments on his Instagram post, about the upcoming tour. Even weeks later after the tour tickets went public amazing floor seats still sit available for all of the shows. This of course not only caused issues between 5SOS and the fans but also between the fandom itself. It caused a fight inside the fandom between the ones saying everybody should be happy for the band and the ones saying that touring with the Chainsmokers is beneath them and it’s a bad idea.


The 5SOS fandom has never been known as a super chill fandom, with attacking girlfriends and family of the members of the band they have been known to be a little crazy. Regardless of this, one thing the band's fans have never fallen short of is support for the members and all of their projects, this time is completely different. Let’s just hope that the fandom can realize that the music industry is tough and 5 Seconds of Summer know what they are doing. As a long time fan, I am excited to see one of my favourite bands on their upcoming tour for multiple dates. I only hope more fans will put past their pettiness and decide to support their favourite band on this amazing project.


All images courtesy of Google Images.