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Colorful hair has been one of the hottest trends for the past couple years. Numerous celebrities have been rocking colorful locks for the past couple years, and it has begun to gain even more popularity as time goes by. Although the colors are adorable, the upkeep is usually what makes people stray away from the idea. Sure, it’s easy to go to a salon and get your hair dyed whatever color you want, but what happens after that first wash? Sometimes the fading out after a wash can look okay, but what about two weeks later when it’s faded to an odd mix of blonde and various shades of the original color?

Cue oVertone, a vegan and cruelty-free conditioner that deposits dye into the hair as you shower. The brand was founded by two women named Maegan and Liora, two ladies who love colorful hair and hate the fade out. They made this product as a way to fight the fade without running back and re-dying all the time. It can be really damaging (and expensive if you’re not a DIY’er) to keep dyeing your hair every week or two just to maintain a color, and that’s what makes overtone so useful. Not only is it conditioning and strengthening your hair, it’s also dyeing it with every use.

There are two different types of overtone conditioners. You can get the daily conditioner, which is used every time you wash and deposits a small amount of color, or you can go for the weekly treatment which is a leave-in that deposits a lot more color. Each of them work great, and you can buy a kit to have both at a lower price! There are eight colors total and they each come in a pastel, vibrant and extreme shade. Shades are formulated to deposit different levels of the color for different outcomes.

Daily conditioners are mainly for those who are looking for a way to maintain their already colored hair. When used on pre-lightened hair, daily conditioners can slightly change the hair over time, but for quicker results the weekly treatment can make a difference almost immediately. The results don’t happen over one treatment but after repeated use you’ll begin to see a major change in your color!

A major benefit to those who don’t like committing to one hair color (like me) is that when you’re bored of one you can just buy another! Since OVertone conditioners can work to dye already lightened hair to whatever color you choose, and once you stop using them for a week or two the dye is gone enough to just switch to another color. I’ve personally used both pastel and vibrant shades of both pink and orange to dye and keep up with my hair color, and I’m never going back! Not only is it fun to experiment with different combinations of the two, it’s fun to be able to change without killing my hair!

Check out overtone here and take a look at their instagram for major hair inspo!


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