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My all-time favorite Christmas movie is The Santa Clause with Tim Allen. The original movie is the best in my opinion, though there are two more after it. It captures the essence of Christmas with just the right amount of corniness you look for in a Holiday movie. I watch it at least 4 times a year and recommend you do the same. Happy Holidays!





Die Hard



Okay, so maybe technically Die Hard isn’t your everyday holiday movie. In my defense, though, it does happen on Christmas Eve, and my family and I watch it every year on the 24th of December. Bruce Willis is the main character who is visiting his ex-wife and daughters when suddenly he has to rise to the occasion and save some hostages. It’s a little gory, but if you’re looking for some action Die Hard kills it. (literally)


Hallmark Christmas Specials


Let’s be honest with ourselves, the cheesy Hallmark movies are one of the best parts of the Holiday season. They all follow the same story arc: hot love interest #1 has to go to a small town and revamp a dying business, hot love interest #2 opposes the revamp, hot love interests #1 and #2 fall in love even though it’s somewhat forbidden. A modern-day Romeo and Juliet, literally any of the Hallmark Holiday Specials will make you wish you had a special someone to cozy up to when it’s snowing outside. As for me? I watch them with my grandma.



One of the main reasons I love the holiday season is because of all the Christmas movies they play. Over the Christmas breaks, I sit on my couch with my mom and sister and watch the cheesy Hallmark movies and all the others we could find. I remember in our search for a movie, we came across one on Lifetime called Dear Santa.

Dear Santa says Amy Acker, David Haydn-Jones, and Emma Duke. Although these aren’t big Hollywood names, their actions would still sure impress you.

This movie follows a thirty-year-old woman named Crystal who spends her days shopping with her wealthy parents. Her parents want her to get serious about her life so they told her she had until Christmas to change her lifestyle or they’ll cancel her credit cards. When walking in the street one day, Crystal discovers a letter to Santa from a little girl named Olivia. In Olivia’s letter, she’s asking Santa to send her widowed dad a new wife.

Curious about this little girl’s wish, she decides to go and find them. Olivia’s father, Derek, owns a snow plowing business while running a soup kitchen for the homeless. Crystal decides to volunteer her time there to get closer to him.

This movie follows the progression of Crystal and Derek’s relationship as well as the relationship she is making with Olivia.

This is a charming, sweet movie leaving you to feel whole at the end. Although it is one of those cheesy Lifetime movies and the plot can be predictable, I find myself watching it every year. If you need an easy to watch, fun, happy ending movie, I’d recommend this one.




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