One Year in The Life Review

Take a trip back to your favorite town to catch up your favorite people: The Gilmore Girls. That’s what the Gilmore Girls A Year in the Life is doing for us. Since the finale of Gilmore Girls premiered almost 10 years ago, there have been lots of questions as to what happened after.  Who does Rory end up with? What about Lorelai and Luke? How does Lane manage her babies? Finally, the show’s producers allowed us to get some answers.

    As the opening credits reeled and excitement built in the first episode, we were welcomed back into Stars Hallow with all it’s familiar faces and places. The amount of time that has passed has allowed for many changes in the character’s lives that no one could have expected. Spoiler alert for those who haven’t watched it yet, don’t keep reading. But Paris has kids? And Sookie went AWOL from the Inn? What world is this??

    The first episode makes any watcher feel very sympathetic for Emily as they replay the funeral and passing of Richard, which she deals with in unorthodox ways. Watchers also feel excited for Rory as she travels across the Atlantic for that amazing job. They might also feel a little confused, at least I did, by the return of Logan.

While in past seasons, Rory has mainly focused on one love interest, here she has two which seems out of the ordinary for her.  It just makes viewers feel bad for her American love interest Paul, who is often forgotten by just about everyone.

Another unresolved issue in the first episode had to do with Lorelai and Luke possibly having a baby? When they originally started talking about this in the first episode I was very excited because it would have added to their fairy tale. But the timing always being off and the overall lack of communication is what brought this topic up again. Because of the reasonings behind the possible decision I feel s though both are just trying to make each other happy, which may not do anything in the end.

As I just finished the first episode I am extremely excited to watch the second and hope some more of my questions get answered. Stars Hallow looks the same and it’s great to see all the characters returning to their roles where they seem like friends. Right now I feel like it was worth the hype and can’t wait to watch new episodes of my old favorite show!

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