One Shady Swift



After almost 3 years of no new music, Taylor Swift finally dropped a single called Look What You Made Me Do, and the music video throws major shade. Swift’s new music video dropped during the VMAs and everyone could not stop talking about it.


    The opening scene showed a tombstone saying, “Here lies Taylor Swift’s reputation”, accompanied by a zombie version of Taylor. There was also another tombstone that read, “Nils Sjoberg”, which was Swift’s pseudonym when she helped write Calvin Harris’ song, This Is What You Came Here For.


In the next scene, it shows Taylor in a bathtub full of jewels. If you look closely enough, you’ll see a dollar bill laying next to her. Fans believe that this is referring to her court case against David Mueller, who was accused of grabbing her butt in a picture, and she won her case for a one dollar settlement. People were also saying that the jewels could be a reference to Kim Kardashian who was robbed of her jewelry.

    Another scene that made Swifties go nuts was when she was in a car, holding a Grammy, where fans speculate that she looks like Katy Perry. Katy has never won a Grammy and that could be another dig for the infamous Katy and Taylor feud.



The scene above shows the word “squad” on the screens on the side. She is probably addressing all of the backlash from people talking about how her “squad” is full of mostly beautiful, skinny, predominantly white women. Some of those include Selena Gomez, Karlie Kloss, Cara Delevingne, and Gigi Hadid. All of which these women are too perfect and model like.


In this scene, Taylor is being served tea by a snake. The snake could be in reference to the Kimye and Swift drama. Fans claimed Kim originally aimed at Swift with a snake emoji after Kayne West’s song “Famous” came out where he mentioned Swift. Other fans also took this as her “serving tea.”



Taylor is shown her on top of a bunch of different Taylor personas, like the one in the front from the “Shake it Off” music video. Swifties detected that this could be showing the “new” Taylor and that old one is dead. In the new song, there is a line where she said that “the old Taylor couldn’t come to the phone right now” because “she's dead”, which probably goes along with the tombstone of her reputation.



In the last scene, you'll find several Taylor’s lined up. You can see one in her Out of the Woods dress, the Shake it Off ballerina, the nerdy girl from You Belong With Me, and even the 2009 VMAs dress when Kayne interrupted her on stage. In this part, Taylor quotes herself and even confronts the things people say about her. You hear her say, “I’d very much like to be excluded from this narrative”, which was released during the Kimye situation. She also jokes about herself and the surprised and shocked face she would make when she won an award.


Taylor sure knows how to go out with a bang. I believe that this is the first big step to the “new” Taylor where she leaves her old self, and the old baggage behind. This song even sounds very different from what she has released before, which made the world buzz about it. Not going to lie, it was weird to hear at first, but I knew I was ready for a different kind of sound. People are not used to her addressing her mistakes and her news that's in the public eye, but this song mentions the karma she got. This shade-filled music video took the world by surprise since she was seemed to be the “good girl”, but it wouldn't be Taylor Swift if she wasn’t talked about.


This single if from her upcoming album “Reputation”, which people have already been going crazy about. It is rumored to have 15 songs on the album, and no deluxe songs.


This song could be the mark of a new Taylor Swift, and the world better be ready.

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