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Not Being a “Going Out Person”

So, as my sophomore year comes to a close I have a confession to make, I have never gone out, never been to a party. And honestly, I am perfectly okay with that, I really don’t have any ambition to go to social event like that.

The type of person I am usually get referred to as being a “home body” which I accept with grace. There is nothing wrong with going out but there is also nothing wrong with being a person that doesn’t go out. I personally love being this way, I can have fun with a few close friends instead of going to a random party where I know 2 people and being uncomfortable all night. But the most frustrating part about being in college and not going out is the stigma surrounding the idea that all college kids party.


And that stigma is very high in my family, I couldn’t tell you the amount of my family members that ask me about “college parties.” And the truth is I can’t tell them anything about it because I would not know. But here is where the issues come into play, everyone assumes I am lying to them. And some times that is hard to deal with because of the stigma and honestly my family makes it seem like it’s a bad thing that I don’t go out or well admit to them that I do go out even though I don’t. I guess what I am trying to say is you shouldn’t have to feel pressure in going out, I promise you there is nothing you are missing by staying in and being a homebody.

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