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Non-Beer Drinks to Drink This Saint Patricks Day

While you may not be going out this year due to COVID-19, here are some drinks to make this St. Patrick’s Day that are not beer so we can forget that the world is falling apart.

a cluster of shamrocks

NOTE: Drinks that are a liquor and a mixer should be adjusted for how strong you like your drink.


  1. Whiskey Ginger


2 oz whiskey (preferably Jameson)

2 oz ginger ale 

(Optional) 1 lime wedge squeeze


the Irish flag


  1. Irish Mule


2 oz whiskey (preferably Jameson)

6 oz ginger beer

Mint sprig for garnish


If you make any sort of Mule (like the original Moscow Mule) I would recommend using copper mugs for the ~aesthetic~. You can find them for very cheap at Walmart. I would also highly, highly recommend you use Bundaberg Brand Gingerbeer. Any other ginger beer I’ve used in the past has been too spicy for other people. You should be able to find it at Walmart, Giant Eagle, or other grocery store near you.


In case you don’t know what ginger beer is, it is a nonalcoholic soft drink that is brewed and fermented in order to get its flavor. Ginger ALE on the other hand is simply carbonated water with ginger flavoring added to it.


  1. Irish Car Bomb

½ oz Baileys Irish Cream

½ oz Irish Whiskey (preferably Jameson)

1 glass Guinness Beer


Yes this has beer in it but it felt wrong to not include on a list of drinks for St. Patrick’s Day. To complete an Irish Car Bomb, you fill a shot glass with the Baileys and Whiskey and fill a glass full of Guinness. Then, you drop the shot glass into the beer and down the entire thing. Make sure to do it quickly so there’s no chance of the Baileys curdling. If you’re trying to get as litty as quick as possible, this is the way to do it.


  1. Irish Coffee

1 cup coffee

1 tablespoon brown sugar

1 ½ oz Irish Whiskey

Heavy Whipping Cream

Green drink in a glass mug
Unsplash/Patrick Fore

I have yet to try this but will likely this St. Patrick’s Day. To make this, you add the brown sugar and whiskey to the coffee and then top it with heavy whipping cream. If you make it in a clear glass, it can look like a baby Guinness (which is actually another name for it) by pouring the cream onto a slightly heated spoon so that it just rests on the top of the coffee.

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