No Nut November: Heard Of It?

As I am currently the sole male member of the Behrend Chapter of HerCampus, I suppose it is my duty to educate the general population about the intriguing events of my gender. (More realistically, I was volunteered by other members to write an article about a dumb thing that is just done for kicks and giggles by dudes). Alas, it is that time of year again when men force themselves not to fondle their nether regions. No Nut November.




If you're not familiar with the concept of No Nut November, it is a challenge for men to not orgasm (by sex OR masturbation) for the entire month of November. But really, no one actually does this except for the couple poor souls that never got the memo. It's literally just for the memes. Although, one guy told me about competition he and his roommates came up with. They’re seeing who lasts the longest in No Nut November and whomever is the last man standing doesn't have to pay for groceries for a month. So anyway, here's a compilation of memes for No Nut November. Enjoy!




Interested in giving it a try? Here’s a guide on how to survive No Nut November (but I’d skip to 1:40 cause everything before that is kinda gross...)




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