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For My Friends As I Graduate

It’s been a long semester. Aside from finishing my classes off, I made time to be with you as much as possible and also figure out what I was doing when I left this place. I listened to a lot of songs this week that somehow reminded me of freshmen year when we didn’t know what we were doing but we were getting to learn new things and meet new people on our own. I also spent the past month reminiscing about what we’ve all been through these past three and a half years.

I think the most important thing I can say right now is thank you. Genuinely, thank you. I’m referring to the times you stuck around when I did something stupid. Thanks for making sure I got home safely and letting me cry because I somehow messed up, or at least I was really worried that I did. Sometimes I was too stressed to talk and I might have snapped or ignored you for a bit, but thanks for being patient and letting me make my way back. Thanks for listening, and thanks for filling my days with happiness and entertainment, even when you weren’t trying to.


I don’t know what I did to deserve you in my life, and I guess graduating really puts into perspective what college has actually taught me. I constantly get asked why I chose to come here, all the way to Pennsylvania from a paradise. I never have an answer because I don’t think I can summarize it in a conversational length. I knew I wanted to attend Penn State, and I kind of decided on a whim that this would work out for me. I stayed because that first semester really made me see something special, and I knew I was getting more magic every time I came back. I really hope that you see that magic.

Getting to know you makes me believe that you have so much to give to the world. Seeing you grow in the time I have known you, and acknowledging my growth since we’ve met, has left me hopeful to see where you are next time we meet. Leaving sucks, and not seeing you every week sucks but I leave a part of myself with you. I’m a call or text away, and while people say that and then lose touch, I can promise you I will do my best.


Let me know the best parts and the worst parts as you continue this journey I wish I still had with you. I want to assure you that it’s possible to finish. In all those moments of stress, remember that we can all make it out alive, and I’m rooting for you every step of the way.



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