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My Experience at the Wallows Concert in Cleveland

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at PS Behrend chapter.

I get an email- Wallows are going on tour. Three tickets are purchased. 


In August I decided to treat myself and friends to a concert coming off the second official week of classes. Well, I decided to go to see Wallows in concert, and it just so happened to be at the end of the second official week of classes.


So, tickets were purchased and off to Cleveland we went. The concert wasn’t until 7:30 that night, so we decided to go on a few excursions.



First stop: Savers. A secondhand store the size of a Costco, Savers was a success. I got several items, including a bucket hat I’m far too excited to wear. My friends both got bags of clothes, their haul including the most amazing grandpa sweater I’ve ever seen and some beautiful headscarves. With about an hour and a half of shopping under our belt, we decided it was an optimal time for some food. So…


Our second stop: Melt. 

A mecca of grilled cheese, I got a sandwich that consisted of deep-fried mac n cheese, bread, and extra cheese. With a beer and lots of bread in my system, it was about peak time to go jump around in a sea of people. So…


Our final stop: House of Blues Cleveland.

Greeted by a line that extended past three blocks, my friends and I got our spot and patiently waited for people to start to file into the venue. Luckily, we were outside as the sun began to set, and we watched the most beautiful scene. 


Past security, and another beer down, the lights began to dim. Remo Drive was the opening act. I saw them in Brooklyn in July, so I knew they would be a fun time. They play their music loud, and it got everyone in the crowd hyped up. My personal favorite song they played was “I’m My 

Own Doctor.” You could tell people in the crowd didn’t know 100% of their songs, but it was fun to see people enjoying the music regardless. 


Already pretty sweaty, the lits dimmed and each member of Wallows began to walk out on stage one by one. They started their set with a relatively slow song, “Do Not Wait.” At the main parts of the chorus, you could hear the crowd singing with Dylan Minette, one of the two main singers (also Clay Thompson from 13 Reasons Why). It was a really powerful start to the show, especially with their decision to play “Only Friend” directly afterward. 



A stark contrast to the first song, the switch from super slow to a fun and funky tune got everyone super hyped up. They threw out beach balls during “Sun Tan” which they kept hitting and playing with throughout the entirety of the concert. My other favorite songs they played included “Pulling Leaves Off Trees” and “Scrawny.” Braeden Lemasters, the other main singer, and guitarist, in from Ohio; The pride he was feeling from playing in his home state was palpable. All the members were having such a good time it was impossible to not also have a good time. My friends and I were in the back of the venue where we had room to jump and dance around… My thighs are still burning.



** all photos taken by Olivia Wickline


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