Mr. and Miss Penn State Behrend

Last Thursday, Alpha Sigma Tau showcased the glamour side of Behrend students.  They held their annual Mr. and Miss Penn State Behrend pageant.  All proceeds from the pageant went to their national philanthropy, Pine Mountain Settlement School.  This organization help provide for children in the poverty stricken area of southeastern Kentucky.  Specifically, the Appalachia Mountains is where the school is located.  There, the school provides educational opportunities such as classes or tutoring services for children.  Alpha Sigma Tau raises money yearly for this organization.  Their biggest fundraiser so happens to be their annual pageant.

               This year, there were a total of six contestants fighting for the crown. Three gentlemen and three ladies were competing for the title of Mr. and Miss Penn State Behrend.  To receive these contestants, students nominated them to be a part of the pageant. The week before the pageant, the sisters of Alpha Sigma Tau held a penny wars competition which the top three guys and girls with the most money in their cups were selected to compete in the pageant.  Ironically, the top contestants chosen by the students were all a part of Greek life.  Theta Phi Alpha, Triangle and Delta Chi held a strong presence in the pageant.  The female contestants were A'ary Fontes, Brittany Thomas, and Jess Nagy.  The male contestants were Michael “Bear” Cellerini, Seth Beatty, and Brandon “Florida” Ford.

               As the day of the pageant approached, everyone was putting their best face forward and pulling out all their best dance moves.  Ultimately, it was up to the judges to decide who exuded the best persona of Mr. and Miss Penn State Behrend.  The judges were two of Alpha Sigma Tau’s past Mr. Penn State Behrend winners and the current President of Student Government Association (SGA).  The judges were Paul Lukasik, Elton Armady, and Josh Sitter.

The contestants were judged on their formal attire, interview, talent, and costume of choice.  The contestants had put up quite the battle with their unique qualities of having nine fingers, killer pipes, Kung Fu fighting skills, and more. Soon enough, the ballots were in and so was the money. The sisters of Alpha Sigma Tau raised $170 dollars from the pageant.   Now, onto the crowning of royalty.  The winners of Mr. and Miss Penn State Behrend 2016 are Seth Beatty and Brittany Thomas!  Congrats on the win guys! Way to strut your stuff.  You’re definitely all that and a bag of chips.