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Modern Fashion Knows No Bounds

One of the biggest feats we achieve growing up is being able to dress ourselves, by ourselves, for the very first time. Now, just because permission was granted does not mean that children under ten are fashion experts. Mismatched colors, clashing patterns, and off-the-wall glitter shoes were a must to complete that first “I-did-it-myself” look. But what happens when that “wear what you want” mentality grows up? Welcome to the latest trend in modern fashion. Bright prints and statement clothes have graduated and matured into high-fashion and chic self-expression. Reinvented-vintage is on the rise with samples of styles from every era. Basically, every unspoken fashion faux pas has gone out the window recently but in the most stylish way possible. Feel free to mix that little claw-tooth skirt with a floral blouse or stripped turtleneck and embrace the looks shot your way. This blossoming trend is meant to be fun and open. Free the style restrictions on denim, sweaters, skirts, boots, and so much more. Not only has every-day style opened up its arms to more possibilities, but professional attire as well, so allow your closet to expand and grow.  



Starting from the bottom, a good shoe really can be the platform for an entire outfit. No longer does the height of the shoe mean the closer you are to being fashion-forward. Actually, the kitten heel is in once again with an expansive palette of colors and attachments. Not to mention that vintage designer pairs are walking the streets yet again, and because of the mature styles, there is an extra chance at a unique pair.  Heels may be shrinking, but flats are growing – growing into clogs, that is. Yes, the shoe heard from a mile away is back in full force. Clogs and chunky heeled ankle boots are sweeping the nation and they’re statement can be both seen and heard. While platforms are definitely in, that does not mean flats are out of style, they just simply lost their back. Metallic or matte, this trend almost calls for a couple pairs of these professional slip-ons.



Moving up the leg, pants may be the “piece de resistance” of this trend. All knowledge of what makes a cute pant has fully gone out of the window. There is no longer a set style, shape, shade, oh my! But do not fear, this just means there is all the more room for experimentation with everything the magazines once told you to be afraid of. It is time to embrace pleats and large pockets, so take advantage ladies. Channel your inner M.C. Hammer and break out a pair of parachute pants, and let me just say how comfortable they can be. Do not feel shy adding a chunky belt into the mix as well. In this day and age, a hefty belt buckle is not just for cowboys anymore. Speaking of cowboys, wearing a bolo tie drawn low as a necklace can really bring together an outfit.

Vogue, strike a pose, and accessorize! Grab a handful of rings and colorful bangles and let your personality shine through. Also, ask the matriarchs of your family tree if they have any old jewelry boxes laying around. A few decades promise beautiful broaches and heavy earrings, adding to the overall refurbished theme. Although, if jewelry does not seem quite your speed, neckerchiefs and head scarves add enough color while maintaining a light feel. Let’s not forget about the versatility of a good handbag. Release the straps or both cross-bodies and purses so you can just grab and go. There is some fun to be had with these bags in a variety of fabrics and sizes. Whether it be herringbone, see-through, patent leather, basically any fabric you could imagine in a handbag, these can be the ultimate statement pieces for an outfit. This is the perfect time to experiment out of your fashion comfort zone and see what your creative palette can dream up.



Reinvented vintage is turning an everyday commute to work or walk down the street into a runway. This trend is taking the industry by storm and painting it with multi-pattern outfits and large accessories. This best advice to advance in this new fashion movement would be to not be afraid to take risks and explore the depths of your closet. Allow your inner child to come out and help you pick and choose your outfits every day just like it was the very first time once more.

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Kayla McEwen

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Kayla A. McEwen: President and Campus Correspondent  Senior at Penn State Behrend Marketing & Professional Writing Major Part-time dreamer and full-time artist Lover of art, fashion, witty conversation, winged eyeliner, and large cups of warm beverages.
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