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Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be that girl in your class that is always on time? That always manages to look put together and turn in assignments on time? Well, today is your lucky day because this week we interviewed one of our lovely – and probably one of our busies t- members, Marissa! Keep reading to find out about her hobbies, her plans after graduation and her advice on life.


Name: Marissa Knox

Year: Senior

Major: Communications and Marketing minor

Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Age: 22


Why did you choose Behrend?

At first I applied to a bunch of different schools, but then a friend told me she was coming to Behrend, so that plus the scenery were the main reasons why I came here. She only stayed for a year and by the time she left I had already made good friends. At the end, Behrend just felt right. And it’s only two and a half hours away from home, which makes it perfect. I’m glad I stayed.


Campus Involvement:

Currently I’m a member of Alpha Sigma Tau, Her Campus, Order of Omega and Lambda Pi Eta.

What made you want to get involved?

I wasn’t really involved in high school, I did sports but that’s about it, and then the first organization I became a part of was Alpha Sigma Tau and ever since I joined AST, it made me realize I could be more active than what I usually am. It made me grow and step out of my shell. Honestly, I kind of ‘fell’ into the positions that I’ve had, if I think about it, but regardless I’m super grateful for that.


What activities do you enjoy outside of school?

I love yoga. Any chance I get to do yoga I do because it’s really helpful with anxiety and stress, and I mean, we all need help with that. I also love running. Even though I won’t actually go outside and run, I love running. Oh, and zumba! I freaking love zumba. Whenever they would have the zumba classes here, I would go a lot, but since I don’t live on campus anymore, it’s been a little tricky this year. I like being active, even though people probably don’t picture me as an active person.


What is the most exciting thing you have ever done?

For my friends 20th birthday we went to Laurel Caverns and did rock rappelling! I think most people don’t see me as an adventurous or outdoorsy person, but I love stuff like that. Like I love hiking and geocaching.

Any unknown facts about yourself?

I’m a natural strawberry blonde, I know most people tend to think I dye my hair, but no, it’s all natural. I’m a very family oriented person and I love working with kids. Any time we have the opportunity of volunteering with children I get giddy. I take myself away from who I am as an adult and go to their level. These past few summers, before I had to be an adult and get an internship, I worked at a local YMCA and I worked as a camp counselor and oh my god, I loved it. I love working with kids, they’re the sweetest.

Who is your role model?

Aside from my mom, I have to say my Big is probably one of my biggest role models. And she knows it. Everytime I talk about her I end up saying how much I adore her. She’s always there, whether I need an advice or something else. And my mom is literally super mom. She is someone I consider as a best friend and she’s always there to help me with as much as possible.


Describe your typical Friday night.

It depends. But you can always find me hanging out with my friends or out on the town. It’s always an adventure on a Friday with me!


How do you feel about graduating?

That’s a scary question… Right now you’ll hear me say I cannot wait to graduate because I’m so stressed out about things, but it’s scary because you’re one step closer to becoming an adult and that means I have to get my life together and start looking for jobs. I mean, I’m nervous and I think it’s natural to feel nervous but I just have to buckle down and focus on applying for more jobs. It’s scary and it’s coming, but I’m trying to enjoy the process.


What are your plans for the future?

I want to establish myself in a career and obviously, I want to have kids but, that also terrifies me right now. So, I wanna take it one step at a time. I do know I wanna establish myself in a career, like I said earlier, have a family and just, make a mark on the world.

What advice would you like to share with our readers?

Any advice I can give to any of our readers is: You’re not alone. College is hard and you’re not alone going through this. Try things and if things don’t go well, keep trying and you’ll find something.


If you could do anything you wanted in 30 seconds, what would you choose?

I would travel to another country.


Thanks for the interview, Marissa! We love you and wish you the best of luck in the future. We know you’re gonna kill it out there! HCXO

Andrea Gáez

PS Behrend '19

From Panama.xx
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