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So, in a sense, Mandela Effects are a type of conspiracy theory in which a large group of people remember something happening in a particular way. And what happens is when people go to look back onto these events it turns out that things are not how they vividly remember it, which raises some questions. Many people assume that there are parallel universes in which something happened in the timeline such as entering a black hole, or a world ending in which different universes combine; which they used to explain why some people remember events differently.

Mandela Effects stem from the none other than Nelson Mandela. When his death occurred in 2013 there was a large number of people that remember him dying in prison in the 1980s, which obviously was not the case. Which is how these conspiracy theories received their name, and since there has been a large mainstream push of Mandela Effects. And here are just a few of my favorite ones:


1. The Berenstein Bears

Some people remember the family of bears being called the Berenstein Bears but as it turns out they are the Berenstain Bears. I have had this discussion many times, and honestly, it is my top Mandela Effect.


2. Kit Kat

    With this one, I am a little unsure about the truth about it. I remember it as both actually there are times in which I can see it both ways. But I’ll leave it up to you, is it Kit-Kat or just Kit Kat.




3. JCPenney

So, growing up I showed at JCPenney a lot and let me tell you when I heard about this Mandela Effect I was so heated. I never remember JCPenny being spelled JCPenney, it just seems so wrong to me.



4. Pikachu

Growing up I would watch Pokémon with my brothers all the time, and Pikachu was always one of my favorite Pokémon because I thought he was adorable. And I can remember that he had a black tip on his tail, but apparently, I am wrong. I have asked my brothers and there have been mixed results.




Those are just some of my top favorite ones, maybe you remember things that way I do but maybe you don’t. I really just think that they are fun and it always lets me question everything. Everything is not always as it seems, so keep your eyes open.



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