A Man to Remember

Today, there are thousands of citizens sitting at their silent TVs and flags across the country are half raised in order to honor the 41st President of the United States of America. On November 30th, 2018, George H. W. Bush passed away and although he is no longer with us, the things he has done for this country will forever be remembered. Because generations are getting older, many of us may not know as much about him as they should so please read on to remember and honor Mr. Bush.



Who was he?

George H. W. Bush was born in 1924 in Milton, Massachusetts. As soon as he turned 18, Bush joined the navy and became a naval aviator. After years of service and over 58 missions, Bush decided to go back to school. He went to Yale University where he was not only on the baseball team, but he was also a member of Delta Kappa Epsilon Fraternity. After college, he dabbled in business, however in 1967, he decided to make a switch into politics. Although he held many positions, he is most remembered for being the President of the United States from 1989 to 1993. He is also the father of the 43rd President, Mr. George W. Bush.



What did he do?

Throughout his presidency, many changes were made, and although not everyone agrees on which ones positive and negative, they all definitely made a difference somehow.

Here are the things that he signed, that we feel made America a little greater.


April 1989

Bush assisted Poland and got their government to agree to negotiate with the opposition Solidarity party which produce a plan for free elections. Elections were eventually held and the country saw the end of single-party rule.


November 1989

America celebrated when minimum wage raised thanks to their president who signed the Fair Labor Standard Amendment. After that event, Americans went from making $4.25 to $4.55 (nowadays would be equivalent to about a dollar raise).


July, 1990

Over 43 million citizens were affected when Bush signed the Americans with Disabilities Act. This forbid discrimination in the workplace, transportation and in any other public event.


November 1990

Bush signs the Clean Air Act which created tighter rules regarding pollution and eliminated industrial emissions of toxic chemicals.

In this month, he also signed an immigration act that would grant entrance into the U.S. for 700,000 immigrants each year.


November 1991

Bush signed the Civil Rights Act. This made easier to sue employers for discrimination.


June 1992

President Bush sat down with President Yeltsin [Russia] to create an agreement. The two agreed to make it a goal to reduce their nuclear warheads tremendously over a 10-year span.



What was his life like after his presidency?

After the white house, Bush moved to Texas with his family. Over the years Bush enjoyed the retirement life, however, he continued to be a voice in American Politics. Although most of it involved endorsing his peers in hopes to assist in elections, he had also continued to be involved and voice his opinion when it came to Presidents and administrations after his. He assisted his son through his presidency and even lead delegations overseas. During the Obama administration, he expressed his support for Supreme Justice Sotomayor and was even rewarded with the  Presidential Medal of Freedom. He even expressed his disapproval of Donald Trump and even shared his for for his Democrat opponent.


George H. W. Bush is a man that will always be remembered. No matter who you are, you do both good things and not so good things, but this man has done some good things that have truly changed this country and because of that, he will always be a part of our memories and the history of this country.