Low Key Artists you Should Listen to

Alex Mozes

Stan Taylor


Source: https://stantaylormusic.com/biography/

The only thing more beautiful than this man is his voice. Stan Taylor is an independent singer-songwriter and produces music in R&B and Soul. He’s produced numerous covers of classic songs like “Let’s Stay Together” by Al Green and creatively takes on newer songs like “Redbone” by Childish Gambino. His latest album, Riffraff and Chivalry, came out earlier this year with all-new, original songs. I would recommend taking a listen to his original song “Since I Had You”, his cover of “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You”, or just look at his insta for some eye candy.

Charlie Burg


Source: https://www.facebook.com/charlieburgmusic/photos/a.840832609369272/2288164931302692/?type=1&theater

Charlie Burg is a music artist attending Syracuse University with a lovely tenor voice. He produces R&B/Soul music. My favorite album of his is Two, Moonlight, but I'd definitely recommend "I Don't Wanna Be Okay Without You," which he released in 2016. His falsetto is sweet and light, and the song is much less electronic than his other music (not a bad thing, just different). There's another version of this song called "PlantedInMyMind.Memo" where only a piano accompanies him instead of a band. The sound quality may not be as great, but it's still fantastic.

Allen Stone

Source: http://atorecords.com/featured/allen-stone-releases-new-single-warriors/


This guy's sense of style is quirky as hell, and I absolutely love it. On top of that, his voice just screams Soul music. According to his Spotify Biography, he's been producing music since he was 11. He released his first album in 2010 and will be releasing his fourth album sometime this year. I personally love his body-positive song "Naturally," but his newest song "Sunny Days" is also his most popular. I'm listening to it for the first time as I'm writing this, and this song is nothing but positive vibes that will have you feeling yourself.

Lake Street Dive


Source: https://logjampresents.com/event/lake-street-dive-20374/


This band has heavy influences from classic pop, swing-era jazz, and rock that puts a fun, more modern twist on classic-sounding music. The songs I recommend you check out are “Good Kisser” and “You Go Down Smooth” The band’s lead vocalist, Rachael Price, has a beautifully powerful voice that I hope to hear in person someday.



Remember the song “No Problem” by Chance the Rapper? These guys produced it. These guys produce some real bangers with, of course, heavy use of brass instruments. They have a couple creative instrumental covers of “XO Tour Llif3” and “In My Feelings” and some great original songs like “Vibrant” and “Melanin Man.” 


Olivia Wickline

The Regrettes

Source: https://www.pastemagazine.com/articles/2019/04/the-regrettes-cancel-tour-citing-vocal-health-issu.html


Made up of three girls and a guy, The Regrettes are what The Strokes would sound like with a female lead singer. Their songs have this 90’s teenage rom-com vibe to them, which means they’re great to listen to when you’re walking across campus pretending to be in a movie montage. “I Dare You” and “Pumpkin” are two of my favorite songs by them. “I Dare You” reminds me specifically of Aquamarine, the cinematic masterpiece starring JoJo and Emma Roberts. They have a heavy, fast drum beat paired with classic electric guitar that makes it impossible to resist from bopping your head along. Oh, I’m also in love with every member of the band.


Darwin Deez


Source: https://www.facebook.com/darwindeeez/photos/a.471794669459/10157119696419460/?type=1&theater


Based on synth, Darwin Deez has an interesting dynamic of beautiful lyrics with a more electronic feel. When I say his lyrics are beautiful, I mean they’re incredibly poetic. His most recent album is titled 10 Songs That Happened When You Left Me With My Stupid Heart, aka the most heartbreaking dance album you’ll ever listen to. My favorite part of listening to his music is that he’ll first make you move your hips, then, as you continue to listen closely, you’ll resonate with what he’s talking about. “Queen of Spades,” “The World’s Best Kisser,” and “Redshift” are my favorite songs by him.


Faye Webster

Source: https://www.nme.com/reviews/album/faye-webster-atlanta-millionaires-club-review


A friend introduced me to Faye Webster a few years ago, and I’ve been hooked since then. First, her voice is one of the most beautiful things on this planet; It’s incredibly smooth. Her songs are bit more paired down, elevator-style music… except it’s the coolest elevator you’ve ever been on. Her most recent album, Atlanta Millionaires Club, was released this past May, and I’ve listened to at least one song off the collection every day since then. Her sound is something you wouldn’t think would work; It has hip hop and country influences. Ultimately, though, it works itself out to sound like a singer-songwriter in a cabin in the woods while it snows outside kind of feeling (in the best way possible).


Ciara Boyle




My all-time favorite group. The $uicideBoy$ was formed in 2014 by cousins, Scrim and Ruby da Cherry. The boys are from New Orleans, Louisiana, they rose to fame by starting on SoundCloud. The duo became popular from their harsh lyrics, and also self-produced beats as well. Their music features a lot of substance use and suicidal ideation. They own and operate their own label as well called G*59 Records. The group didn’t release a debut album until 2018 when “I Want to Die in New Orleans” came out. Scrim and Cherry only released EPs and also mixtapes for the majority of their career. This is where it takes a pretty dark turn; The boys were very close growing up, and they both loved music. Scrim and Cherry were not happy with their lives, so they decided to form $uicideboy$, and with this, the boys made a pact that if their musical careers didn’t work out, they would both commit suicide together. Scrim stated in an interview that “It was pretty much like cutting the hand, bleeding, and making a pact that there’s no plan B, that if this doesn’t happen by the time we’re 30, I’m blowing my head off.” These boys talk about things in their songs that not a lot of rappers talk about. While most rappers fantasize about strippers and money, these boys focus on things people struggle with in day to day life, such as depression, suicide, and drug use. Of course, some of their music does talk about violence and also some sexual content. Scrim had been doing drugs for years and finally just decided to get clean. He has been doing very well and talked about it at the show I went too back in August. Instead of somebody trying to get him to smoke marijuana, a fan threw a bag of his favorite candy on stage. You could just tell that really brightened his day knowing his fans are there supporting him. I love this group so much, and if you like a bit of hardcore rap like me, you’ll really enjoy the $uicideBoy$ <3 


My top 5 songs:

  1. For the Last Time

  2. Venom

  3. Durango ‘95

  4. A Girl Named Drool and a Pack of Kools

  5. The Sacred


Night Lovell


Night Lovell is another one of my favorite artists. There's not a lot of information on him because he comes and goes from the spotlight a lot of the time, but he is a rapper, a songwriter, and a record producer from Canada. His first song was released in 2014 and titled "Dark Light." Night Lovell is also signed to the $uicideBoy$ record label, G*59, and has made three albums. The first one was called Concept Vague, which came out in 2014, the second was named Red Teenage Melody, which was released in 2016, and his most recent album titled Good Night Lovell, was released in the beginning of 2019. Night Lovell also went on tour with the $uicideBoy$ this summer as one of the opening acts.


My top 3 Songs:



  3. Concept Nothing     


City Morgue


City Morgue is another one of my favorites, and I was able to see them this summer as well!

This group formed in New York City and the members are ZillaKami, SosMula, and Thraxx. Thraxx is also from California and is the producer. Before City Morgue was found in 2017, ZillaKami actually ghostwrote a lot of songs for rapper 6ix9ine. ZillKami worked with his older half-brother Peter, who was the CEO of a music label. The brothers stopped talking to 6ix9ine after he refused to pay them money back that he owed them. When 6ix9ine was unable to pay them back, ZillKami publicly announced and released information on 6ix9ines child sex abuse charges. On his first day out of prison, ZillaKami met a guy named SosMula, and they started making songs together after they met their other group member, Thraxx. The only album they have released so far is titled City Morgue Vol 1: Hell or High Water.



Top 3 Fav Songs:

  1. 66SLAVS

  2. Arson

33rd Blakk Glass