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Everybody has “their thing,” and over the years, my thing has become monograms. Yes, I do believe that the monogram is a staple for all things classic and preppy, but along with than that, I feel that it can be used for more than decoration and personalization. As I have grown older, I’ve learned that it is important to create a “brand” for myself; it is the professional thing to do. I have branded myself with my own initials. You know what they say, “if it’s not moving, monogram it,” and if you’re like me, if it is moving, you’ll probably monogram it anyway. I often joke when I get asked, “why do you have your initials on everything?” by answering, “Well if I monogram it, no one can steal it.” But I can assure you; I’m not that pessimistic about the world around me. The truth of the matter is, that although I enjoy a lot of what is mainstream and trendy, I really enjoy being different, and personalizing is a way to make something your own, even if everyone else has it. If you’re new to the monogram scene, want to begin crafting a personalized lifestyle, and need some inspiration, here are a few of the (many) monogrammed items that I own, that you can get too!

1Purses and handbags

If there is anything that I love as much as I love monograms, purses are a close second. Combine the two, and life can’t get better. When it comes to handbags, a little personalization can make a big difference.

2. School supplies
Sometimes school is hard, but having adorable school supplies makes it easier.

3. Bedding
I once read that a habit of extremely successful people is that they make their bed, since then, I have tried to make my bed every morning (emphasis on tried). It’s a little easier when you love your bedding. Adding a personalized pillow can really change the feeling of your space and make it more, you!

4. Clothing
Monogrammed red JCrew cashmere sweater… need I say more?

5. Jewelry
My monogram necklace is my favorite piece of jewelry, and I wear it almost every day. It’s classic, unique, and a simple way to personalize myself everyday.

6.Tech accessories
It’s easy to personalize your favorite gadgets, whether it’s your phone, laptop or iPad, with cases, stickers and wallpapers.

7. Drinkware
I love to start my day off with a hot cup of coffee, but sometimes, one cup just isn’t enough. When I need an extra cup (or 5) to get me though my day, I love using this monogrammed travel mug.

8. Decorations
Wooden letters are cheap, easy to find, and fun to decorate. I have them all over my apartment (I bet you’re all shocked). 

9. Stationery
I’ve always loved stationery, whether it was notebooks, journals or cards. Over the past few years, I have come to enjoy the more simple and professional looking stationery. These ivory, embossed monogrammed cards have been my go-to for all occasions.


If you’re still looking for gifts to give, or gifts to ask for this holiday season, consider something monogrammed. Giving a personalized gift is more meaningful than you think, and receiving one might just turn into an obsession. Take it from me; you can never have too many monograms! 

Photo Credit: 1, all other photos taken by author. 

Lexie is a senior communication major at Penn State Erie, The Behrend College, specializing in public relations, advertising and social media. She has coined herself as a monogram enthusiast, an unapologetic cat fanatic and a passionate feminist. Lexie started the Her Campus chapter at her school in hopes to leave behind something special to the place that has given her so much. She believes in the power of the written word, a timeless handbag and practicing reckless optimism. To feed her social media addiction, follow her on Twitter and Instagram @leckseepelchen
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