L’Oréal's Game Changing Product

I always have trouble finding tanning lotions that don’t make me orange, so this week I decided to test two very different tanning lotions to see how they both work on a fair skinned person. I have been using St. Tropez tanning lotion for a few years now, and it never lets me down, however, I decided to give the new L’Oréal Sublime Bronze hydrating self-tanner a try.



I was able to spread this formula on my skin very easy because. It is more of a lotion-like substance and makes you tanner gradually over time. I think if you are just going for a nice subtle glow then the Sublime Bronzer would definitely be the one for you. I really enjoyed the formula and it also didn’t have a super strong smell to it, unlike its competitors. Overall, if you are just looking for something to give you a hint of color, I would definitely recommend trying the L’Oréal Sublime Bronzer!


Tanning Pro Tip: Always remember to exfoliate and moisturize before you put on self-tanner or else you will get patchy and the tan will not stay on as long.