Kiss Proof, Smudge Proof, Waterproof


I could not believe it either! I am a 20 year old woman who loves herself some makeup. It all started when I was added to a cute little facebook page made by my hair stylist. She became a distributor of SeneGence products, including LipSense, when one of her friends told her how great of a small side business it could turn out to be for a young aspiring woman. I was scrolling through facebook one day, and I saw a video that was on “How to Apply LipSense: Does it Pass the Coffee Cup Challenge?” The second I saw LipSense work its magic, I was sold. It was completely, “Kiss Proof, Smudge Proof, and Waterproof.” Once I saw how amazing LipSense was, I became a distributor myself so that I could introduce it to all women!



Imagine applying your favorite color of a lipstick. How long would it normally last? Maybe 2 to 4 hours if you refrain from eating, drinking, or kissing anything? LipSense lasts up to 19 hours even if you hit the beach, the gym, or have a hot make out session. It is also a vegan, gluten free, cruelty free, and a lead free product. It passes ALL of the tests!



LipSense comes in so many perfectly cute colors. The color options will fit anyone, whether they have cool or warm toned skins. New colors come out on a seasonal basis, and many perfect colors are now in for the fall season!



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