Jim + Pam 4ever

Since 2005, The Office has somehow still kept a legacy with us even 4 years after the series finale. Our days are filled with “that’s what she said” jokes and look-aways to imaginary cameras. There’s no exact recipe for a show like The Office, one that holds dry humour, romance, and awkwardness. For every time Michael made us cringe and hope we didn’t have him as a boss, there was a part of us that would have loved to have a life like this. A portion of what makes The Office what it is comes from Jim and Pam. It may soon become a cliche, but there’s no way we can deny appreciation for the perfect couple.


When Pam Is Stressed Before the Wedding

Nothing seems to be going right, and her veil is ripped. To even things out, Jim cuts his tie to remind her that the most important part of the day is that they are finally getting married.


Jim Talking to Pam’s Dad

Pam’s parents are constantly fighting, only for her dad to finally be convinced to get a divorce after talking to Jim. While Jim feels awful, it’s really his words about how much he loves Pam that fixed everything.



When they shared the day they realized they liked each other.

They weren’t your typical love at first sight stories, but they were moments that actually solidified their friendship.


The Teapot

Throughout the whole episode, Jim is stressing that Pam will not get the gift he put so much thought into. The gift finally finds its way to Pam but missing the card that gave up Jim’s feelings to her.


When Pam Doesn’t Think She’s Enough for Jim

Jim has a second job that tests their family and in season 9 we saw a lot of them struggling to work together. Pam didn’t know if the marriage could sustain this and thinks she can’t be what Jim needs.



Jim Proposes

He previously had a cute plan to propose earlier, but Andy stole his thunder. After the knowledge of his proposal, Pam was always on her toes wondering when he would do it. He finally did it at a gas station, not your typical proposal but definitely made it more about feelings than showmanship.​



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