Introducing Your S.O. to Your Friends

Introducing your S.O. to your friends can be intimidating. Will they like each other? What do I do if they don't get along? Pushing through the anxiety and letting two huge parts of your life meet can be stressful but it is worth it in the long run.



What’s scarcer than introducing your significant other to your parents? Introducing him to your friends! When I was in middle school I met my boyfriend. We had the young middle school romance for a solid three months and called it quits. Two years later, we reconnected my freshman year of high school and have been together ever since.



Growing up in a small town it was hard to make friends. I never really fit in with the thirteen girls that were in my grade so I relied on my boyfriend and my family A LOT!! I was so excited to come to college,  get a fresh start, and make new and close friends. The first night at school I met them and I would literally do anything for them and they would do anything for me. So I decided for my new friends and my boyfriend to meet. That’s when I knew my friends were serious. The introduction was more of me introducing my friends to my boyfriend. I have known him all my life, but my friends, I only knew for about two months. I think he was more nervous than he should have been. He kept saying, “what if they don’t like me”, or, “what if they think I am weird and awkward?” I think he was so nervous because he had never really seen me around serious friends and he knew how important this was to me.




So, the day came. At the time I was living in a different hall than the rest of all my friends, so I gave him a pep talk and we headed down. In his defense, I did put him in an awkward situation. He met them in one of my friend’s tiny dorm room, and they were just sitting there staring at him. I have to say he did pretty well! He did the best he could to make conversation with five girls whom which he knew nothing about. I give him all the credit in the world for going out of his way and wanting to meet my friends and try to become friends with them. Both my boyfriend and my friends are some of the most important people in my life, so when they met it was such a happy moment in my life.  




What if they don’t like him? What if he doesn’t like them? What if they think he’s weird, or he thinks they are weird? Those were just a few of the questions that went through my head the moments before I introduced my boyfriend and my friends to each other.  



Anyone in a long-term relationship can agree that introducing friends to your significant other is one of the most stressful and scariest situations to be in. When I introduced my boyfriend to my friends it was not long after I met them. It was the beginning of our first semester of college when we did not even fully know each other, so introducing my boyfriend was a big, and somewhat scary step, to say the least, due to the fact that they did not know me as well at the time. As corny as it sounds for me to say it, I got the same feeling with my friends as I did with my boyfriend. The feeling that “they’re the one.” That these girls are going to be my best friends for life, so if I am going to continuously talk to my boyfriend about these people, he might as well know them!


After all, it was not as bad or stressful as I made it out to be. Which working myself up over nothing is my specialty, so there was no surprise there. My boyfriend is one of the most easy-going people I know, so he was able to connect with my friends very quickly and become friends with them himself. It is important to me that my boyfriend and friends get along and bond with each other because they do all mean the world to me, so being able to be with them all together is a wonderful thing for me! I recommend everyone introduce their friends and significant other to one another because their opinions of each other will tell you a lot about if your friends are the ones or if your significant other is the one.


And plus isn’t being able to go out with both your friend and boyfriend a wonderful thing? Anyone in a relationship who has been put in the situation where they had to choose one over the other on a Saturday night would agree!



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