The Importance of Self-Quarantine and Social Distancing

We have all heard people say we do not have much to worry about because "we are young, and it is only the older people 60+ that have to worry about COVID-19." We have come to learn, this is absolutely not true! As 18-22 year olds, we are of risk too and we can be affected. As someone who has always been so cautious about not exposing myself, going out, or being around a lot of people, I grew extremely irritated when seeing people my age simply just not care because they have the mindset that we are invincible and we will not end up as those people who are on the ventilators and dying from the coronavirus. 

Photo by Fusion Medical Animation on Unsplash Statistics from "Stat News" showed that only 31% of cases in the US right now are the elderly. This shows that us younger people do in fact, have to worry, too! Not only do we need to worry for our own health and safety, but we need to be caution for the ones around us.

I personally have been very caution and self-quarantined myself with my family because of the people around me who I could harm or put in danger. Both my mother and my boyfriend's mother have health conditions that have caused them to become immunocompromised. My grandma is also over the age of 80 with very bad lungs, so if she were to get the coronavirus, she would probably get very sick. 

So, if there is one thing I could tell you is please be careful not only for your own health and safety, but for the people around you. Could you imagine being the reason someone you love with a prior health condition is in the hospital or sick with coronavirus because you couldn't miss out on going out to the bars with your friends? Right now, it is important to self-quarantine and stay home because when this is all over, the bars, the parties, your friends will all still be there, but the people you have harmed from selfishness could not be. Do not be the person that does not social distance and self-quarantine or this will not be over anytime soon! According to a study from a University of California at San Diego professor, if one person with coronavirus was to not social distance in 5 days, they would infect 2.5 people, but in 30 days, 406 people would be infected. These number are insane to imagine. Our statistics and number of cases almost double daily.  Unsplash Let's make a difference, end this sooner rather than later, self-quarantine ourselves at home with our families, and just enjoy this time at home until this nightmare our world is living right now is over.