Ignorance: It's Time to Educate Yourself

As defined above, ignorance in its simplicity is lacking knowledge and understanding. While our generation is supposedly known as “The Woke Generation”, that does not mean that the concept of ignorance or ignorant individuals has become extinct. In fact, no matter how knowledgeable a generation, or culture, or society, this concept is one that can never be fully dismissed. While we hate admitting it, every individual is graced with ignorance in some of its many, many forms. Now, this may be conceded by some begrudgingly, or even not at all, but no one individual is blessed with all of the world’s knowledge. No one person has the ability to say that they know absolutely every bit of information on every possible subject in the time-space continuum, and if any one says otherwise they are absolutely ludicrous. No one wants to be described as ignorant, all-in-all it can be extremely offensive, but this concept is being brought up for a very good reason. I sit here, telling you all this as an ignorant individual myself – despite the fact that I don’t like putting that statement into words. While we do not like coming across as such, or coming across those who are, there is one thing we can focus on to combat this extant concept: EDUCATION. There is nothing more infuriating than listening to someone who has not properly educated themselves on a topic they are discussing, especially a fairly controversial one.

 Along with that, something to always keep in mind is to never base your opinions and information off of hearsay. No matter who the individual is, whether they are your parent, sibling, friend, significant other, etc, does not automatically make them correct. Also, make sure what you have been learning is from somewhere credible – the internet is helpful and all, but it can also be absolutely ridiculous and teach you things that have no scholarly backing.  There have been numerous occasions where I have delved into deep conversations about politics, religion, culture and important issues only to be met with enraging opinions and fallacies that have absolutely no genuine support. Ignorance, while irritating enough to be faced with, can be so much more mind-numbing when an individual refuses to listen to factual reason. Saying that, I feel like I need to reiterate that we as humans often like to think those around us are the ignorant ones and refuse to admit that the quality also resides on ourselves. But if you are the one who is proven wrong, admit your mistake no matter how prideful you are. It is more embarrassing to pigheadedly stand by opinions and statements that are openly debunked than to admit to defeat. Personally I absolutely hate being wrong, but when I am I admit to it. We are only human and humans make mistakes, but denying these mistakes only adds to the already too prevalent ignorance in the world. Do not formulate who you are as a person based off other’s opinions and values without being able to support them fully as your own. Yes, ignorance is bliss, but the world isn’t all too blissful when its inhabitants run around blind. We live in a society where all the information in the world is at our fingertips, and a good majority of people just sit around wasting it. EDUCATE YOURSELVES. Do not waste this beautiful, and all-too-attainable gift of knowledge. Be the person to make a difference in the world by knowing what is going on and what to do about it. Combat the innate characteristic of ignorance and truly show why this is the “Woke Generation”.

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