I Tried $1 Makeup: Shopmissa

I tried $1 makeup and here’s what I thought...


Yeah, you read that right, I tried out a website that sells $1 makeup. It's called Shopmissa and pretty much everything on their site is $1. At first, the concept of $1 makeup was pretty scary to me. It just seemed way too good to be true, but for the sake of writing this article and the off chance the makeup would be good, I had to give it a shot. Well, let me tell you, I was pleasantly surprised! Most of the items I got were quite impressive and I have even incorporated some makeup into my everyday routine over my designer makeup. I did get a few non-makeup items just to get a well-balanced review, and I love those items too.


AOA Baked Highlighers: Fairy and Bon Bon

I really liked this product and you get them in a pretty large quantity. They weren’t my favorite highlighters that I got from the site, but still a good quality.



Princessa Fine Glitter Diamond Powder, 2, 8, 12

I really loved these! I use these as eyeshadows, but they’re versatile and can be used in different ways. The top one is a gorgeous blue iridescent color that was even featured by 17 Magazine. Oh hey, friendly reminder these are all ONE DOLLAR! They are super pigmented and adorable.



Summer Glow Duo Color 4

The swatch does not do this stuff justice. This is my all-time favorite highlight. The formula is so incredibly creamy, long lasting, and perfectly pigmented. The brand that makes this stuff is AMUSE, and based on what I've paid for similar items, they could be charging $30 easily. A lot of the colors were sold out so I had to get the darker pair, but the light color is an amazing highlight. I seriously cannot rave enough about this stuff.



F17: Small Fan Brush


I wanted to get a nice diverse group of products so I also grabbed the Small Fan Brush which, not surprisingly, I loved. For $1 this brush cannot be beat.


Brown Crochet Neck Warmer, 5 Piece Floral & Lace Yoga Hair Ties, AOA Beauty Tools Canvas Bag

These are the other non-makeup items I picked up. If you know somewhere else you can get 5 adorable yoga hair ties for $1 let me know. These items were not only cute, but they were functional. They have tons of adorable scarves on their website although most were sold out; fingers crossed for a restock!



Overall, I am really impressed with Shopmissa and their products. Aside from a lot of the products being picked over, the shopping experience and transaction was smooth. The company is located in Texas, and shipping time took exactly as long as stated. I would definitely recommend checking this website out for yourself because, if I haven’t said it enough, EVERYTHING IS ONE DOLLAR. Seriously, it’s like a high-class dollar store you don’t have to leave your house to go to.


P.S. They’re also cruelty-free!


(This is a completely not sponsored and unbiased review of Shopmissa.)

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