How to Stop Sad Boi-ism

At the start of my junior year of college, I had never heard the term “Sad Boi”.  However, a couple of months ago I self-diagnosed myself with Sad Boi-ism. Sad Boi-ism is a tough personality trait with symptoms of unhappiness and bringing up deep conversations at the wrong time. Sad Boi-ism is passed on through an imbalance of emotions in friend groups and sad music choices for all occasions.



The first symptom is one that is counter-intuitive to the saying “birds of a feather flock together”. Every tight-knit friend group has problems if there is more than one Sad Boi. Two Sad Bois in a friend group leads to an imbalance of emotions. This imbalance causes widespread unhappiness and Sad Boi-ism is spread like a virus.  Thus, balanced friend groups lead to herd immunity.

Secondly, due to the self-imposed herd immunity, being a Sad Boi means most of the time you do not get your way when it comes to music. As a Sad Boi, I enjoy Daniel Caesar, XXXTENTACION, and a ton of pop-punk artists at any time of the day and for any occasion. I also enjoy going to parties with my friends. I have found out through experience that these two things do not mix well. Everyone in the car either gets depressed or angry right before we arrive and believe it or not that makes for a bad party. This is the second way that spreading Sad Boi-ism can occur. DO NOT play sad music before happy events for non-Sad Bois.



If these activities are avoided, the general population can be the yin to the yang of Sad Bois everywhere. However, the world needs Sad Bois. Without Sad Bois, who would facilitate deep conversations and play devil’s advocate to your happiness. Remember everyone, there is no high without a low.



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