How to Spice Up Your Work Attire

For the past few summers I had the amazing opportunity to work at a doctor’s office as a medical technician. This was super exciting for because I was able to gain a lot of experience and hours that I need in order to apply to optometry school. The only problem was figuring out a cute, yet appropriate outfit to wear everyday. I wanted to wear something that represented me, while still following the “dress code”. Here are some basic, yet unique pieces that will be perfect to spice up any basic work outfit! 

1. Cute, yet simple flats 

While flats are normally a common piece to mosts work attire, they are a simple piece that can add a little flare to any outfit. A great example is these flats from target. The structure of these flats will add the simplest touch, yet basic tan color makes them not too overwhelming. 

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2. Printed work pants

Printed pants was always a go-to for me when it came to dressing up my outfits. They really made me not only look professional, but feel professional. They are something so cute that will always make you appear put together and ready for the day. Sticking to simple patterns is important, though! Too loud of pants might appear unprofessional, so stick to simple colors and styles, such as these brown plaid pants from Shein.

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3. Accessories, accessories, and then some more accessories

One thing I consistently found myself wearing to spice up my outfits were accessories. Whether it was a simple gold hoop earring or multiple necklaces, like the picture above, I always felt that they made my outfits more personal and really added the finishing touches to my work look. 

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