How Much Cheese Around Christmas is Too Much?

Ohhh the holidays. Let’s be honest they are so cliche. We do the same thing every year…wear fuzzy socks, drink eggnog, smile awkwardly at family dinner… but most of all, we watch Christmas movies.

I am not sure if I am extra cynical this year, but I am noticing more and more how cheesy and ridiculous some of these movies are. With the giant plot holes, the mediocre acting, mix in a little Christmas cheer and I am sold. Here are some of the cheesiest, jolliest and overall strange Christmas Movies I have found.  

1. The Spirit of Christmas

A workaholic falls in love with a mysterious, but surprisingly hot ghost. I don’t want to spoil it, but even if I did I guarantee it would be confusing. Watched it twice, still not sure what happened but damn was the ghost a cutie.

2. LifeSize 2

I could have told Freeform that a remake wasn't a good idea. If you are looking for an epic romance, this is not the movie for that but I did spend a solid two hours laughing my ass off. Everything about this movie is confusing, strange, and questionable. After two hours of a confusing plot line with little back story, Tyra Banks starts rapping for some reason. 10/10 would recommend.

3. Christmas Cupid

A “modern day” take on a Christmas Story. Instead of the typical Scrooge, Sloane is a shallow, selfish, power-hungry publicist. She is haunted by her dead client, played by Ashley Benson (I would let her haunt me any day). It more than a little corny and extremely predictable, but Chad Michael Murray is in it which is always a plus in my book.

4. The Christmas Prince

A cute prince, a beautiful castle, a big secret, Christmas… what more could a mushball want? Overall, heartwarming!

5. The Christmas Prince 2

The first one is much much better, take my word for it. The main character’s peasant charm wears off by the second movie… I mean come on you are getting married to a king why are you wearing a wrinkled bath robe as a wedding dress? Also, this one is way more confusing and is trying to be a little too Nancy Drew for me. Nonetheless, I still watched the entire thing and even shed a tear.

6. The Princess Switch

Not going to lie, it was weird watching Vanessa Hudgens without her singing to Zac Efron. The storyline didn’t really make sense… like at all. But it was adorable and I have watched it three times.

7. The Holiday Breakup

Honestly not sure if this even counts as a Christmas movie. It was a little t0o awkward, indie for my taste. The main character, Manon Mathews was like a 30-year-old child for basically no reason. It was strange.  

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