How to Master your First Semester of College like a Boss

          Understanding how to get from class to class tough, doing well in those classes is tough your first semester. The pressure of being in a different environment with all new people makes surviving freshman year hard. I know I was so nervous my freshman year to come to Penn State Behrend. I lived with a complete stranger, I knew no one that lived on campus and to be completely honest I was terrified to leave home. 


            One thing that made my first semester easier was understanding that literally no freshman knows what they are doing. Everyone is in the same boat as you are. Know first semester freshman knows where their classes are or who their professors will be. I, myself, as a junior still don’t know what I am doing or where my classes are. Trying to understand that will help and make you feel like there is less pressure to be perfect (something I struggled with at first.)

            Another thing that helped me survive my freshman year, when it comes to actual schoolwork, is planning ahead. Whether that’s planning your scheduling, reading, or doing your homework head of time makes you feel less stressed and also helps you keep your life organized (a must when it comes to surviving college in general). Make time to see your family and friends that aren’t at school. Seeing them with make you feel better, trust me. 


            Finally, the last advice I can give you is to take time you take care of yourself. It is so easy to get lost and worn down at college. Taking the time to check in on your mental and physical health is SO important! Taking advantage of your on-campus resources, such as counseling, can really be to your advantage. 


            Always remember to have fun, you don’t get these years back. As stressful as they are, these really are some of the best years of your life. Also, don’t worry, it gets easier!