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At Home Workouts to Keep You Staying Positive

The continued stay-at-home order has left me feeling a little stir crazy. Luckily, though, I’ve found that moving my body at least even a little bit during the day can help me feel more like myself. From moving and grooving on my own, to following a workout online, here’s some of my favorite ways to get up from the couch:


  1. Chole Ting Workouts


Chloe Ting is an amazing workout instructor. Her videos are helpful if you’re just beginning or if you work out regularly. Plus, her blog has a number of free workout programs. From a two-week shred to 25-day commitment, she has multiple videos targeting whatever part of the body you’d like to burn. (And she does most of them with little to no equipment so you can easily do them at home) You can check her workout programs out here: https://www.chloeting.com/program/

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  1. Greta Titelman Matcha Time


A recent development in my workout regimen, Greta Titelman hosts what she calls “Matcha Dance” every day at 10 AM PST (1 PM EST). I enjoyed Greta because she’s a comedian before anything else, so her matcha dance times are lighthearted and entertaining. It’s more of a dance time than a workout, but she adds targeted movements so you feel your muscles working. She often has guests on live with her so things tend to not get boring, plus moving your body to some good music makes your day just a little bit better! You can find her on Instagram @gertiebird

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  1. Dance Time


Even if I don’t follow a guided workout regimen, I always make sure to move to some music for at least a half-hour every day. Put on some headphones, play your favorite playlist, and imagine yourself at the club you’ve been missing (I know I’m not the only one). Add a mirror and it’s a perfect time to practice your dance moves! I suggest checking out one of our playlists for some songs to groove to. I feel stale when I don’t get up and move at least once during the day, but it can be difficult finding the motivation to do a full out workout routine. I’ve found that even dancing for a little bit to get your heart flowing has helped my days go a little bit better. 

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Things are hard right now. Anxiety is high and there’s a lot that’s unknown, plus it’s hard to be stuck in the house all day. Getting your blood flowing can be a simple way to make an otherwise unproductive day feel like you’ve accomplished at least one thing. Now get that body moving!

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