Hidden Ho-Ho-Holiday Gems

Whether it’s standing in line at Macy’s or listening to the newest indie band cover of “What Christmas Means to Me” in Starbucks while waiting for your first red cup of the season, it's hard to dodge the Christmas tunes, especially now that Thanksgiving is over. So, I’ve taken this opportunity to share some of my favorite holiday jams that I'm sure you'll catch yourself singing all winter long. 


Santa Claus Lane – Hilary Duff

I love me some Hilary Duff (let's be real, who doesn't), but what I love even more is Hilary Duff singing about Christmas. Circa 2004, you could always find me dancing around to my Radio Disney Christmas album with this song was on constant repeat. Don't worry, I still know all the lyrics to this song.  #TweenFanHard 



I Want a Hippopotamus - Gayla Peevey

While this song might be one of the most obnoxious ones in the history of history, I couldn’t resist adding it to my very merry Christmas list. This song holds a special place in my heart, and I feel the need to listen to just once each holiday season. When the weather gets cold and the snow starts to call, my dad like to get into the Christmas spirit by turning the music in his office to a local radio station that plays Christmas songs all day long. For as long as I can remember, this has been my dad’s least favorite song, and he will still shut off the radio when it is played, but who can blame him? Who wants a hippopotamus? Regardless, it gives us a good laugh.  


Little Drummer Boy- Pentatonix

This group, and espicially this song, is aca-amazing! This hidden gem is a jam session waiting to happen. Their take on this classic carol, will leave you in awe, with goose bumps, and with and urgen desire to buy the rest of their Christmas album. Santa, please?


Baby its Cold Outside – Glee Cover 

There are more than enough covers of this song to get you through this holiday season, but I chose the Glee cover for a specific reason. I mean, I do really like it, but more importantly it reminds me of my roommates and their eternal and undying love for Glee covers. #AllDayAtHomeSingAlong 



When Christmas Comes to Town- Matthew Hall and Meagan Moore

“Seeing is believing, but sometimes the most real things in the world are the things we can’t see.”  


What Christmas Means to Me- Hanson

On the list, I would classify this as my most hidden, and treasured, holiday gem. Don’t believe me? Just listen.


You’re a Mean One Mr. Grinch – Thurl Ravenscroft

Not only does this song make me laugh, but it's also very easy to learn the words too. Do you know that that mean? I'll be belting it to whomever is lucky enough to be in the car, or in the same vicinity as me to hear my version. #VeryVeryMerry


Linus and Lucy – Vince Guaraldi Trio


This song is my ultimate reminder that Christmas is around the corner. I can remember listening to this CD each yeah while driving to get our Christmas tree. My dad always insists on this CD around Christmas time, but I have to admit, it does but me in the Chrismas spirit. #PeanutsRoastingOnAnOpenFire



All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth – Nat King Cole Trio 

Guess what? I got ‘em! #SisterSuzySittingOnAThistle #SayItFiveTimesFast


Carol of The Bells- Trans-Siberian Orchestrad

I just have no words..


Let it Snow – Dean Martin

Since we can’t fight it, embrace the soft, powdery snow constantly falling outside your window. Because, it just might get you a snow day in the near future.  #SnowiestCityinAmerica #SnowPlaceLikeErie


12 Days of Christmas (Pierogi style, if you’re a Reichel/Last/Merski/Louis/Kubiak)-

 I know, you’re all thinking “Um, what?” but, let me explain. In my family, we take two things very seriously: our Christmas carols, and our homemade pierogis. Every Christmas Eve, and I mean every year, my family has a tradtition of making perogies together, and each year without fail, this get together ends in us all sitting around singing Christmas songs while my Uncle plays his accordion (don't be embarassed, you will be found and forced to sit in front of the family to lead in the singing if you are hiding). Don't no the words? Have no fear, we have each song typed up, printed, and stapled onto red and green cardboard as references (Thanks, Aunt Megan). After we’ve sung just about every song, the assignments for the 12 Days of Christmas are given out; signaling the last carol of the night is upon us. If you’re one of the family members who decided to bring a date, you would be the two turtledoves by majority rule and tradition, and if not, you (and with usually the same number of family members as the assigned day) are given one of the twelve gifts. We go through all twelve days first, and then are assigned as one of the 12 ingredients or jobs that work together to turn out dozens of piergois each year. This year will mark my four years going strong as “Four Calling Birds” and “Four Dozen Eggs." #12ReichelsCelebrating






And that wraps up the twelve best holiday jams a-la-me! For more of what I’ll be singing loud and obnoxiously from here until January, follow me on Spotify – madelinereichel

Happy caroling Collegietes! 


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