HC PS Behrend Hacks Through Pinterest

We ALL love looking at those cute little hacks on Pinterest, so our writers thought why not try some for ourselves? We finally put those old, saved pins to the test to show our lovely readers just how well they may work - or our sad attempts at them.


1. Cute Cord Labels - Miles Turner and Krista Campanaro


Krista and I, Miles, attempted the cord labelling hack to better organize our lives. It seemed simple enough to do, and is something that any college student could find useful and recreate easily. After attempting it, we don’t think our lives will ever be the same. We now never have to question whether we’re unplugging the right cord or not. Also, we don’t accidentally unplug cords that we didn’t want to unplug anymore. It’s really easy, literally takes less than five minutes, and is super cheap. It also adds some color to your room in an otherwise bland and blank corner! 10/10 would recommend.  



2. Korean Beauty Hack - Andrea Gaez



I learned about Jamsu a while ago when I was on twitter and a Vogue article popped up. it talked about this new makeup technique that was taking over the Korean Beauty World. “It’s the hot tip in K-beauty right now”, they wrote. Jamsu -roughly translates into ‘submerged’ or ‘diving’- makeup is a rather unusual technique, as it requires you to literally dunk your face in a basin of cold water. I know, I know. Dunking your face in cold water first thing in morning is not something you’re particularly in to, but Jamsu promises to deliver “perfectly matte, melt-proof” makeup.


What you’ll need:

  • Your regular base. (Whether that’s primer, foundation and concealer, or some variation of this)

  • Baby powder or any loose face powder you might already use.

  • 1 Bowl

  • Cold Water

-pic of things i need-



First, cleanse and moisturize and follow that by applying primer, foundation and/or concealer as you usually would. Then, shake heavy handfuls of baby powder onto your palms and pat it freely onto your face. You can also apply the powder with a brush, but make sure that your face is heavily covered with powder, giving you a kabuki-esque looking base. Fill up your bowl or sink with cool water and plunge your powdered face into it and hold it there for no more than 30 seconds -if you have dry skin, don’t put your face in the water too long-. Finally, pat your face dry and finish the rest of your look like you normally would.



Eeeh… This did not go like I thought it would. First off, the application is very messy, which you probably already assumed. Dunking my face in cold water wasn’t that bad to be honest, but I probably didn’t feel that cold because of the several pounds of powder on my face. And once it was time to pat dry my face, it was a complete mess. But the most disappointing part was the end result, when my face dried with an odd white film on top of it and it felt super dry even for my normal/combination skin. I will admit that my skin felt super smooth so I will probably try this again - at least once.


3. Dr. Oz’s Teeth Whitener - Sorya Nasir

This was overall a pretty simple hack with surprising results.

What do you need?

  • ¼ cup of baking soda

  • Lemon Juice from Half a lemon

  • Cotton Ball

  • Tooth Brush

  • Toothpaste

1. ​Mix baking soda and lemon juice (Beware: It will bubble)

2. Using a cotton ball apply it to your teeth.

3. Keep on your teeth for a minute

4. Brush your teeth and remove the mixture off your teeth

5. You’re all done! Enjoy your whiter teeth



Personally, I did not think this would work as well as it did. I am someone who uses a lot of crest whitening products, but I think this worked even better. I would 100% recommend it. The only negative is that it is very messy. I got it on my black shirt and it was not a good time.


4. Shave Those Pills - Alex Sienerth


I love a warm pair of fleece-lined leggings on a cold day. It’s the closest thing to wearing PJs to class while still getting to look fashionable. Although,  I ran into a problem with my leggings pilling recently. Granted, I don't buy designer leggings, but the pilling makes them look cheap. On Pinterest I discovered a way to make them look like new without having to buy a new pair. The secret was just a razor. I could essentially shave off the pills, and it worked amazing! I was skeptical at first, but it ended up being quick, easy, and honestly a little fun!

This picture is the cover photo from the pin. They used a sweater but it works just as good for leggings!I used pretty damaged leggings, also being one of my favorite pairs. I was only one wear away from tossing them in the garbage if I am being honest.

I went to town with the razor and used a lint roller to help me get the rest of the pills off. The finished products looks as good as new! This will be my quick fix for all my old leggings.


4. Pinterest Paintings - Brittany Thomas

Anyone who has ever met me knows that Pinterest and I are in a serious long term relationship. I love it. It is my go-to for anything I feel like crafting or making or even if I need ideas. Pinterest always has something to offer, but you have to sometimes be patient when looking for things. The more specific you are, the more accurate results you get. For example, if you type in “quotes on canvas”, you’ll get a million and one different quotes on a canvas. If you specify the quote, or type of medium they use, or who wrote it, etc., your results will be much more useful.

I like to scroll through Pinterest to find what people have made and if I like it, I remake it! I like to remake them because, as a broke college student, it is a lot easier to recreate than spend $60 on a canvas. Many of my friends send me pictures they found on Pinterest and ask if I can recreate them as well. I just remade something for my sister’s wedding, which was also a canvas from one of our writer’s favorite TV shows.






There you go Collegiettes! Some hacks may have gone better than others, but the fun was in trying them! So go out there and try some hacks of your own - or even the ones we already have. HCXO


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