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We’ve all been there before. The morning where you wake up with a headache, feeling queasy, thinking back to all the drinks you consumed the night before, and suddenly regretting it all. I have been there MANY times before, and let me tell you, it is horrible. So, after experimenting with many products, I have found some of the best hangover cures, in my opinion. 

Girl\'s night
Liquid IV

I SWEAR by this stuff! This is the most legit hangover cure I have tried and it truly works. It does not taste like complete crap, like many other products that can quickly and easily cure hangover do. One glass of this is equivalent to 3 glasses of water, which in my opinion, is crazy! I feel better after drinking a glass of this within an hour. I cannot vouch for all the flavors of this, but I use the lemon lime one, and I think it tastes great. It tastes a little like lemon lime Gatorade.


Orange Juice Pour
Jocelyn Hsu / Spoon
A lot of people might not think to drink this for a hangover because we usually just think to take this when we are sick and not feeling too hot with a cold or flu. This stuff has electrolytes in it that help to make you feel like a million bucks after having a packet of this! I personally can’t stand the taste of this in water, so I have found a better way to drink this is in orange juice or a smoothie! 


A long time favorite hangover cure of every college student. Pedialyte. I actually never thought to take this until my aunt who works for Abbott, the company that makes this product, put this in my Christmas bag of little goodies freshman year. She must have known, I NEEDED THIS! This used to be one of the only things that I could drink when I was throwing up the next day that would actually soothe my stomach and not make me want to throw up more. Personal favorite flavors of mine are the orange and grape. They are not too horrible, lol.


Alex Frank / Spoon
Did someone say greasy food? This is always me and my friends breakfast of choice the morning after, and let me say it tastes a lot better when you are hungover. Sometimes, you just don’t want to eat or even think about food when you are feeling so sick, but it will make you feel a lot better 99.9% of the time. Sometimes all you need is a hash brown and a large Sprite and you are suddenly feeling like a whole new person. 

Now, I know there are so many hangover cures out there, like just simply drinking water or Gatorade, but I have found that I love these cures specifically! 


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