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Goodbye PS Behrend, Love Your (Old) President

Her Campus PS Behrend… well, most people have addressed it as “my baby” for the past two years. I’ve put my heart into this organization and it has given me just as much back in the process. Honestly, I only joined at first to support my friend Lexie in her creation of this chapter, not really knowing what exactly Her Campus was.



I started volunteering for articles more and more and realized I really had a passion for editing in the process. Her Campus helped introduce me to a whole new career opportunity that I may never have realized if it were not for me joining. I fell in love with the editorial world and being able to manage a staff who was as excited to write as mine has been. Also, being able to watch people who were not confident in their writing grow and blossom into some of our best and most consistent writers honestly still fills me with pride. Watching our members grow and come out of their shells week by week has been more rewarding than I could have ever imagined. So much has happened from when I first decided to run for president as a very anxious soon-to-be junior up until my (surprise of a) last semester within this organization.



(Sorya this section is for you)

Now, it was not all smooth sailing throughout my two-term presidency, but you know, that’s alright. I’ve learned that you cannot please everyone and honestly you don’t have to. It is important to listen to everyone’s opinions and work as a democracy to do what is best for an organization, but when there are fifty different (strong) opinions being thrown your way that sh*t gets hard. Things also may not always go as planned and that’s when you have to learn to adapt or throw together a quick article at 9:00 PM. I’ve had to grow thicker skin while also manage to be unbiased and honestly, I know I wasn’t a perfect president but again, that’s okay.

(Okay now for everyone)

I grew this organization with some of my best friends and even met new ones in the process. Miss Andrea Gaez will forever be the light of my life and my right-hand even though she will not be my VP anymore (take good care of her when she comes back). Also, Sorya Nasir, the new Madame President, has grown from someone who was not too fond of writing to be our most frequent writer and now she will take my place at the head of this organization. So many of my friends have worked so hard to build our chapter up to where we are now, and I just want to say that I appreciate every one of you, old or new alike.


Honestly, I may have a little bit of separation anxiety as I slowly hand over my “baby” but I know it will be in good hands with the new Executive Board. I guess if I have any advice from the old president to the current organization it would be to take chances and try new things. Life is wild and you never really know what’s going to happen so you might as well have fun with it and get out of your comfort zone. Growing up is honestly pretty scary but it is also exhilarating. Hold onto your friends and make new memories instead of holding onto old ones. Enjoy your time for it is “short but sweet for certain”.

And with that my dear Her Campus PS Behrend, I will say goodbye and good luck (and get ready for your most avid reader).



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Kayla McEwen

PS Behrend

Kayla A. McEwen: President and Campus Correspondent  Senior at Penn State Behrend Marketing & Professional Writing Major Part-time dreamer and full-time artist Lover of art, fashion, witty conversation, winged eyeliner, and large cups of warm beverages.
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