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Everyone has tried countless remedies to make their hair softer and shinier. Numerous products that are supposed to make your face cleaner and more acne free. Some products are green, some are crunchy and some just don’t smell good at all. And if they’re all of those things, do you think they are really good and natural for your body?


Well, waste no more of your time or money. Coconut oil has fixed all of your problems.


Coconut oil is good for getting off makeup like mascara, and it leaves the area clean and hydrated after. It also works as a great moisturizer for your skin according to Prevention.com. You can use it on skin other than your face too, which is nice since coconut oil is great for dry skin and smells great.


You can also put it in your hair for a deep conditioner to smooth split ends. The natural oils are better at penetrating your hair than other minerals, according to the same website as above.


While these are all year round routines you can get yourself into, coconut oil is also good for moisturizing hands. It’s good at moisturizing other areas like legs and in brutal winters like this, it is hard to avoid the occasional dry hand.


If you don’t like to use lotions, you can use coconut oil as a shaving cream and your skin will get the same natural benefits it would get used as a lotion. Depending on the brand and store you’re buying it from, you can get a tub of coconut oil for less than $20.


If you’re less about looks and more about eating right, coconut oil has also been used in the kitchen as an alternative to regular oils. It gives off good cholesterol as opposed to the bad kind that can hurt your heart. It is also rich in antioxidants which is always beneficial for your health according to Harvard Medical.


When you’re in a bind and need a new beauty trick to help boost the health of your skin, hair and even your insides, consider coconut oil as a more natural option rather than chemical filled products.



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