The Ghosts Of Behrend

For better or for worse, no matter where you are, there is most likely a ghost nearby.  So many people have lived (and died) on this earth that there are plenty of ghosts and spirits roaming.  What about Behrend? Maybe not the first place you would think about having ghosts, but you would be surprised about the rumors that fly around campus.


  • Niagara Hall

Built in 1968, only a year after Perry Hall, Niagara is the second oldest residence building on campus.  That building turned fifty years old this year (but thank goodness for brand new Trippe Hall!) so there is bound to be some stories.  According to some, there is a spirit that roams the hall. Residences hear a knock on their door and see their door handle shake. So they go to answer it and no one is there.  Once isn’t a big deal, but when it happens multiple times in one night, questions arise. A prank? Maybe. They would have to be really dedicated and amazingly bored. While these stories do not boast of a full body apparition spotted in Niagara, it would seem likely that there is something that likes to keep residents on edge on their toes.


  • Almy Hall

Almy is significantly newer than Niagara since being built in 1997, sitting at the top of campus.  Almy has been said to have a presence that lingers in the hall. When you sit in the study rooms at the end of the halls, you can see a figure all the way at the other end of the hall.  You turn your head, expecting to see a resident leaving their room, or walking to the other study room. But there is no one there. This happens over and over, each time you are sure you see a person this time.  But each time you are wrong. You can hear someone walking loudly down the hall in the middle night. When you open your door to check, no one is there. It’s a possibility that it was another resident that just went back to their room.  But it keeps happening throughout the night, multiple nights a week. Again, maybe a prank. That means there are some incredibly bored students at Behrend. (I will admit, not a totally crazy idea.) But think about what I said earlier. Civilization has been around forever, and everyone dies eventually.  So is it really so crazy to think that a just a few of those spirits are here at Behrend? Maybe. That’s for you to decide.


  • On-Campus Apartments

Apartment number 604. This room has been the setting for countless creepy stories. According to many, including current,  students, the apartment is a nightmare. According to two of people who lived in the apartment, they would notice that doors and cabinets would open and close, things around their house would move or even go missing and they would even hear their name being called while no one was home. The two never thought too much about it, despite being creeped out, until the new group of students moved into it. The new residents of the apartment reached out to one of the past roommates and told her about the creepy things that were happening which is when each came to the conclusion that the apartment was definitely haunted.


  • The Wintergreen Gorge

The Gorge is location visited by many of Behrend’s students. It is a place that reminds students of beauty, adventure and fun. According to local Erie-ites, The Gorge is the home to a little boy and his dog. Many have reportedly seen the pair walking around in the early morning and late at night. Some think it is just a Behrend legend, however, for others it has been the spookiest thing they have ever seen.