Getting Creative With Costumes

Finding Halloween costumes that do not cost a fortune and are not too basic is a difficult task to achieve while ballin' on a budget in college, so we asked our writers to give us some good ideas that you can either make out of outfits you already have at home, or ones that you can get attire for at Wal Mart for under $15.

Here's what our writers suggested:

Mr. Rogers, Bill Nye, and a 90’s Dad

Mr. Rogers, Bill Nye, and your suburban 90’s Dad. Name a better mashup I’m waiting.

Mr. Rogers:

-Red sweater

-White button up

-Blue chinos

-Blue Tie

-White Hairspray


(For puppet)

-Old sock

-Googly eyes

-Scotch tape

Listen if you wanna make this slutty, you do you but take that nonsense elsewhere. The only thing to really note about this one is that I used a white hairspray since my hair is dark enough that the result was gray.

Bill Nye:

-Lab coat

-Blue button up

-Fun bow tie


-White hairspray

90’s Dad:

-Fanny pack

-Loose-fitting jean shorts


-Digital watch

-Bulky sunglasses

-Ball cap with beer logo

-White socks

-Bulky white shoes

Almost all of this costume was bought at a thrift store so it’s very college-budget friendly.

Chuck Noland (Tom Hanks) from Castaway 

I just yelled, “I’M SORRY WILSONNNN!!! WILSONNNN….” all night.



-Dark red paint

-Mad finger painting skills

Practice on a paper plate first! It’s about the same size, and you can make sure the color is right.

Chuck Noland:

-Old white shirt


-Cargo or cut-off shorts


-Red button up

-Cheap foundation

First, tear up the shirt a bit (you can make the neckline if you’re going for a slutty Chuck Noland for some godforsaken reason). Blotch the cheap foundation on the shirt to make it look dirty without actually getting filthy. To make the head wrap, button up the shirt a bit and use the collar as a headband. Next, wrap the sleeves around your head and tie it in the back.


This is one of the more basic costume ideas that I came up with when I went on Pinterest and searched “easy couple costume ideas.” Although it is somewhat basic, it is not too basic. It is very affordable, so if you are balling on a budget, this is the perfect costume for you!

The Sandlot:


-Black hat

-Black glasses

-Blue button up shirt

-White shirt for underneath


-White Converse


-White sunglasses

-Red tank top

-Red shorts (do not have to be lifeguard ones)

-White Converse