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Fun Ways to Spice up Your Coffee for Fall

While fall is still here, it’s a good idea to try some fun fall coffee ideas before the seasons change again! If you aren’t really feeling the pumpkin spice this season here are three ideas to try while you enjoy the changing leaves and brisk weather! 


Cinnamon Pumpkin Coffee 

When you’re ready with your hot/iced coffee/cold brew, mix in your desired amount of creamer and then add either a syrup or a spice of pumpkin and cinnamon. You’ll have liquid pumpkin pie! 




Caramel Chocolate Hazelnut 

Like before, have your coffee ready and mix in your desired amount of creamer. This time though, get either a hazelnut blend of coffee or a hazelnut creamer. You’ll then add drizzles of chocolate and caramel sauce into your coffee. Maybe even add some whipped cream if you’re feeling it! 




Vanilla Chai Latte 

What you’ll need to do is brew some chai tea to your liking and then add a vanilla syrup or creamer to your hot or iced beverage and there you go! 


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