Forever A 1D Stan

One Direction may be no more, but the fans, no matter the age, will last forever. So what is it like to be a college 1D fangirl? Well, let us give you the 411.




Being a Directioner during the renaissance of new solo work from each of the boys is a very exciting time. I can remember a period where all I ate, slept, and drank was one direction (quite literally, I had a One Direction tumbler cup). We all can count on too many hands the number of times that we have been shamed for loving a boy band in the 21st century, but we are still in love with five boys who changed our lives.


I have a few instances where being a Directioner in college is incredibly difficult and those are as follows:


  • When I am in the middle of class and I realize that Larry is still alive in 2018.



  • When I am scrolling through my Tumblr in public (bad decision) and I come across some of my Pulitzer prize-worthy fanfic that I wrote when I was 15 and realize how incredibly inappropriate it is.



  • When Zayn or Harry post new pictures



  • When someone cool asks me about my favorite music



  • When I put my music on shuffle and “Up All Night” starts auto-playing






  • When one of their solo songs comes on during work



  • When I get out of class and see that Harry dropped a new music video (actual footage of me when Kiwi dropped)



  • “Didn’t they break up why do you still talk about them” “you’re 21 years old aren’t you too old for this”



  • When people assume I have a great music taste and then scroll through my Spotify saved (I think it’s great, but others don’t agree)




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