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Is the Fitbit Versa 2 the Watch for you?

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at PS Behrend chapter.

Disclaimer: This review is not sponsored in any way or by any means by Fitbit and or Her Campus. I purchased the Fitbit Versa 2 with my own money, and all opinions are mine and mine alone. (Even though I wish it were sponsored, that would have been nice).


Today marks 3 weeks since I have had my Fitbit Versa 2. And I have a lot to say about it. Before I start, I bought the Fitbit Versa 2 because I needed a new sports watch. My previous sports watch was a TomTom spark music watch that broke a long time ago (maybe a year or so). I had that watch roughly two years, and it was primarily my running and swimming watch. I used it throughout high school with my sports and personal workout. It really helped me when I trained and ran my half marathon since it told accurate mileage (it had a built-in GPS), was user-friendly, told me my average mile time and more. For swimming, it tracked how long I swam, my strokes per minute, my laps, and more. 

Nowadays, I’m unfortunately not the runner and swimmer I once was. My workouts these days are walking around campus and walking fast to things I am or about to be late to (which happens way too much). I have been dying to get back into shape and be a gym junkie once again. I’m not really comfortable in my own skin really since I’ve gained some weight, and I’ve already had body image issues to begin with, so the weight gain really doesn’t help.

Also, my mental health, as mentioned in previous articles, has been okay with medicine, but I know my anxiety and stress would be helped tremendously by working out. 

Yet, I have been having trouble going to the gym. I still have a gym membership at Planet Fitness and pay way too much for my black card membership ($22 a month) when I haven’t gone since the summertime. So, I need a push a go to help myself out and to stop feeling like I’m wasting money.

First, I bought some more workout clothes (Gymshark had their blackout sale, which I took advantage of to get some more leggings and shorts), and I bought the Fitbit Versa watch 2 awhile ago. I picked this watch out after looking at several sports watches (Galaxy sports watch, Garmin sports watches, Fossil sports watches, etc.) and narrowed it down to the Fitbit brand. Knowing me, I knew I wasn’t going to workout right away. I wanted a watch that could be used a little bit more than just working out/gym time. I had the TomTom watch that I only used for working out and never wore it for anything else, so I wanted a watch that can more accurately track my steps, beats per minute, sleep, and maybe play music. I went with the Fitbit brand since they are the most well known brand for counting steps. And I went with the Fit Bit Versa 2 special edition since it’s not too flashy (not as distracting like other smartwatches), can track a multitude of sports (swimming, running, golf, biking, etc.), and do all the things I wanted it to do. Plus, it has built-in Alexa and works well with android devices (based on the reviews I read before the purchase, and I can attest to that). Also, I wanted a watch that would last a while so that I wouldn’t have to charge it every day and didn’t want the watch to die on me during a workout.


So now that I told you the backstory, let me talk about the pros and cons:




  • Not too flashy- user friendly

  • Nice price point (I bought the watch on sale for $175 when it’s originally $225)

  • Easy setup 

  • Came with two bands for smaller and larger wrist  (the smaller one is helpful since I have a very small wrist and it does fit)

  • Can monitor BPM, steps, and sleep

  • Can set up alarms and reminders

  • Has voice activated text with Alexa

  • Personalization with clock faces and bands

  • Can download apps that the fitbit app store that fits your needs

  • Can glace at email, text, news notification

  • Can track your period easily

  • Has Fitbit Pay- can use the watch to pay with certain registers 

  • Great battery life (4-6 days battery life depending)


  • Limited Fitbit apps you can download

    • That includes not having the app for Amazon prime music (even when it has Alexa – meaning it has a partnership with Amazon)

  • Changing the watch bands is somewhat difficult (not user friendly to everyone)

  • Have to use voice to text

  • The phone needs to be nearby to receive notifications and use the spotify app


After all the pros and cons, I do think the watch is okay for people that don’t just want a sports smartwatch. It’s also a happy medium for people who don’t want something like an Apple Watch or a phone on their wrist. For me, I think that would be too distracting, but I get distracted easily. So, I’m fine with the watch so far. Unfortunately, I have yet to test it with workout since I know I’m not going to do that until winter break. After reading other reviews, some say this watch is good for people that want a better upgrade from the pebble smartwatch, which is essentially the first smartwatch, but who don’t want to go too far in the tech world with a smartwatch. So in those terms, the phone is simple and easy to use without too many flashy add-ons. 

Another thing that other reviews said was the appealing look of the watch. It is a nice looking watch, and many have compared it to an apple watch look. 



    So take this review for what it is and read others too. In the end, it is all what you want out of the watch, and you don’t necessarily have to settle since there are so many on the market. 



Julia Fitzgibbon

PS Behrend '22

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