Favorite Fall Pieces

Fall is in full effect at the moment, Colligiettes! That means that our writers are breaking out their favorite fall pieces and our hitting the campus stylish as ever. Take a look at some of our favorite items to help find some new pieces for your own closet:


Olivia Wickline:

Turtlenecks, turtlenecks, and more turtlenecks! Fall means the perfect weather to rock a classic look, and there’s nothing more timeless than a turtleneck. They keep you warm for the chillier days while being a flattering look for anyone. (As an additional bonus, they hide any double chins you may have.) The wind tends to pick up around the fall months, so the turtleneck is the perfect top to protect your neck without the added bulk of a scarf. Pair a neutral turtleneck with a low bun, lightweight jacket, and booties and you’ll look effortlessly cool.


Hannah Carlino:

Fall is the time of year where everyone digs out their staple pieces. While most people have go-to scarves, oversized sweaters, and leggings, my fall staple piece is a 2-year-old pair of Aldo booties. These booties are perfect for fall. From the caramel brown color, to the gold buckle and zipper, they tie all of my outfits together with style. One day shopping around the mall, I stumbled upon these cute booties and placed them on my Christmas list. Low and behold, my wonderful boyfriend surprised me with them on Christmas day! Aldo shoes come at a decently high price, but are of great quality. These shoes specifically were $110.00+tax. Which, after lasting me two solid years of wearing them at least three times per week for seven out of twelve months, the price was well worth it!


Alyson Munson:

Moto jackets. Seriously… I own 6 of them in all different colors. They look great on everyone, they match everything and they are super easy to layer and style no matter what the occasion or weather. My favorite is this tan one from h&m, I seriously wear it way too much because it matches literally everything in my closet and is sooo comfy.


Alina Sharkey:

These Anne Klein Sport boots are one of my favorite fall things to wear because they are cute, fuzzy, warm and winter-y looking. They also match a lot of the outfits I wear. They can be worn in both fall and winter because they are super comfortable and hold up pretty well in the snow even though not recommended. 


Andrea Gaez:

Once fall and winter comes, I just want to be wrapped around in comfy clothes! I don’t handle the cold very well -and I see the irony in me coming to one of the snowiest cities in the US- and neither does my skin, so bundling up with several layers is always my go to, which is why my favourite  fall/winter item  are flannels -this one in particular. I bought it in a thrift store and it’s actually a man’s flannel, but it’s so big and comfortable and makes me warm and happy! I love that it’s in a more subtle colour and in days I don’t wanna think too much about what to wear or if I’m in a hurry, I always gravitate towards it 




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