Every Summer Has Its Story

We asked a few of our writers to tell us about their most memorable moments and trips that they took this summer, and everyone wrote about some amazing memories they made. Every summer has its story, and our writers all wrote their own stories this summer.

Emma Cronk:

My summer started off with the most rewarding experience I’ve ever had. In April, I was invited to go with my church to the Dominican Republic for a week to do missionary and construction work. We stayed in Santiago; a city surrounded by breathtaking forests that stretch for miles. Our main goal was to meet the needs of the large Haitian population living in the Dominican. Each morning we would meet at the local church, play games, and host a kids club for the children. Our afternoons were spent visiting the homes and asking about the needs of each household. By collecting family and medical data, the organization we worked with was able to provide specific help for them.

Despite the poor living conditions, everyone we met was extremely thankful for their blessings. One man shared his words of wisdom that have remained with me. When asked if he had any needs or prayer requests, he replied “every day that we are alive on this Earth is by the grace of God and should not be taken for granted.” It is evident of how humble and appreciative they are for everything in their lives. I hope to have the opportunity to serve again sometime in the future. 

Ramsey Struble:

This summer I got the opportunity to visit the beautiful city of Montréal, Québec Canada, with my boyfriend. We spent four days and three nights running around the streets trying to take in all the culture. For those of you who are unaware, the city of Québec is primarily French-speaking. With that being said, my boyfriend and I only know one French word: Bonjour. We spent those four days struggling to communicate with those around us, but it was so amazing. 

We did many things while we were there. We went to 190 acres botanical garden, a real french style restaurant, and tried bone marrow for the first time. We ate so much poutine, and we went and visited old Montréal. My favorite thing that we did while we were there, though, was just walking around the streets together. They were so beautiful and large. See everyone rushing around me and not knowing a single person was such a new and wondrous experience. 

Traveling to a different country and not being able to understand what is going on around you is a truly eye-opening experience. It made me feel so tiny in this big world but in a good way. It made me feel humble. I cannot wait to go back and experience it all over again.

Alex Mozes:

I kicked off the summer by taking a trip down to Disney World with my family and little cousins. My family and I have been to Disney multiple times (my sisters and mom are obsessed), but this was my cousins' first time. It's definitely very entertaining seeing a kid's reaction to the parks for the first time.

While we were there, my older sister made it a point that we had to go try Hei-Hei cones. These ice-cream cones are made with Dole Whip and decorated to look like the rooster from Moana. (Fun fact: Dole Whip is actually only offered at Disney resorts and the Dole plantation in Hawaii!) I have to say it actually did live up to the hype.

My family also went on the Backlot tour where you can see Disney World from behind the scenes. We got to see the prep areas for the parade floats and the Utilidors, the utility tunnels underneath the park! Because Disney World is in a swamp, the park is actually built on top of the concrete structure where the tunnels are. Sadly, they did not mention that Walt Disney allegedly had his head cryogenically frozen and stored beneath the park. Oh well, it was still a great time, and I'll definitely be going back in the future.

Lauren Barr:

This summer consisted of many fun trips and adventures, starting with a trip to Toronto with my boyfriend, a family vacation to Fort Myers, Florida, and our family’s annual trip to Buckeye Lake in Ohio. It is hard to just choose one trip to write about because they were all so eventful! 

Our family trip to Buckeye Lake was for sure one to remember. I have been visiting Buckeye Lake for my whole life, and this year was the first time I got to show my boyfriend everything I have grown up doing at the lake, which made it so special. At the lake, we always go boating during the afternoon, which is always fun to do. As well as take the jet skis out on the water throughout the day and evening. I was not only able to ride the jet skis this year, but I was able to drive it because I finally got my boating license! At Buckeye Lake, everyone drives golf carts around the streets, so I got to show my boyfriend all the back roads and adventures I used to go on as a child which was so fun for me to get to do.

Our trip to the lake this year was one to remember because not only did I get to spend time with my family, but I also got to spend time with my boyfriend there! Everyone can agree that there is no better feeling than getting to spend quality time with all the ones they love. I am already looking forward to next year’s trip.

Tiffany Zinn:

Summer is always about making memories and having a good time. My all-time favorite place to be in is New York City. So a few friends and I decided that it would be the perfect day trip... even if it was a seven-hour car ride. So, we grabbed our stuff and headed for the car around 3 am. The day was pretty ordinary in NYC, and we visited all of our favorite spots, including our favorite coffee shop in the lower east side.

However, the exciting part of this story is not what we did in NYC, but who we brought. We ended up bringing my friends little beagle, Riley. He had the time of his life while he was exploring the city or taking his first time on the subway. He stayed nice and calm in his carrier while living his best life. At the end of the day, he got to sleep like a happy little city pup the entire ride home.