Erie Eats: Hidden Gems for Foodies

From an outsider looking in, Erie doesn't seem to have too many interesting food options outside of chain restaurants. Well, do not fear, Colliegiettes! We here as PS Behrend are here to guide you to these little finds:



1. Jo’s Brooklyn Bagel


This place is perfect if you’re in the mood for a fresh bagel (and I mean really fresh, not drive-thru fresh). It’s a bit far from campus on West 38th street but is seriously amazing. They’re open for breakfast and lunch with plain bagels, sandwiches and more.


2. Mighty Fine Donuts


An Erie classic, they are the only option when it comes to donuts in Erie. Yeah, we have the chain places, but nothing beats getting donuts 24/7 from a dingy shop downtown. They are a few minutes from campus but totally worth the drive.


3. Tandoori Hut


I recently discovered this place with a friend, and it is too good. They have classic Indian cuisine that isn’t offered a lot around the rest of the city. Since they are right downtown there’s also a lot of things to do nearby, It's a nice way to relax while exploring all that Erie’s tiny little downtown life has to offer.


4. Sara's


You can’t talk about Erie without mentioning the iconic Sara's Diner. Nothing is better than grabbing food, going for a drive, and then getting ice cream on the way out (so that it doesn’t melt while you’re in the car). This tactic has been used by everyone in Erie many times and is the perfect way to spend the evening on Presque Isle.



If you are like me, then you love food! I also love supporting small businesses. When I can combine these loves, I not only feel very full but also feel good about my choices as well. Erie has numerous small business, many of them are cafes and restaurants. Here are some of my favorite places!


1. BrewHaha at the Colony  

If you are looking for a dog themed, quaint cafe this is your place. They have wonderful coffee, delicious pastries and amazing quiche!  

2. The Bean in North East

This place is similar to BrewHaha but equally as delicious. Their decorations are comfy and beyond adorable. It’s the perfect place to read a book on a rainy day. It reminds me of a cafe you would hear about in a song or a movie where two people meet and fall in love. Anyways, the food is good, the coffee is delicious. Definitely a good place to check out.  

3. Pineapple Eddie Southern Bistro  

If you are looking for something a little fancier, this is definitely the place to go. They have southern and Caribbean cuisine that is always delicious. The chef, born in Port Au Prince, has worked in many different cities and countries and knows his stuff.  

4. Kitchen 1201  

One of my personal favorites. It is by far the fanciest restaurant on this list. Their Latin and Asian fusion inspired menu is constantly changing. A reservation is a must but it is definitely worth it. Their sushi is some of the best I’ve found in Erie.  

5. Dabrowski's Restaurant and Deli  

If you want a cheap, amazing polish breakfast, this is the place to go! Hands down the best breakfast you can find in Erie. Do yourself a favor and order the perogies!  

6. The Juice Jar


If you are looking for something a bit more healthy The Juice Jar is the perfect place. They have juices, smoothies, healthy meals, vital shots and more. They have games guest can play, local art, and they recently added the Juice Cellar in their basement.  

7. Sara’s Restaurant

This 50’s style diner is a go-to summer stop! They have smith’s hot dogs, burgers, and all types of yummy ice cream dessert.



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