Erie is About to get Dreary.... Here is how to Spend your Last Few Warm Days


Before summer ends I highly recommend checking out the juice jar on W 8th street in Erie. They are known for having amazing smoothie bowls (my personal favorite), but they also have many other amazing, and healthy, treats. These include fresh pressed juices, vital shots, smoothies, and many healthy meals and desserts.

The Juice Jar has such a perfect atmosphere to hang out at. While you can still go to there in the winter, it's so nice to sit out on their sidewalk. They always have pretty flowers to look at and the environment is so nice during the warmer months. Whether it is warm or cold out, the Juice Jar always hits the spot!

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WIth summer coming to an end, I highly recommend going to sunset grill in Edinboro. It's a small, cute restaurant on the lake in Edinboro. It offers some local draft beers, lip-smacking good sandwiches, and classic American eats. What's really cool, besides being on the lake, is that the place has live music Thursday through Sundays around 6:30 pm! It's a great place to have dinner and listen to great local Erie musicians. If you do go, I recommend the buffalo chicken dip and the sweet potato fries! Their sweet potato fries dipping sauce is to. die. for. But, if you go on a concert night, plan to get there a little early since the outdoor area fills up fast!!  

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Being from Pittsburgh, Erie is only 2 hours North... but it feels like a completely different land. As soon as the temperatures start averaging in the 60's, seasonal depression sets in, and everyone goes into hibernation until spring. Since fall is quickly approaching, it's time to partake in some last-minute "summer-exclusive" events. 

One of my favorite things to do in Erie when the weather is nice is going to Presque Isle. Probably one of the only reasons Erie doesn't completely suck to me is because there is a (litter infested) lake with miles of beaches. Even if it's too cold to put on your swimsuit and jump in, which 99% of the time it is, the beaches are still nice to walk. It's even nice to have a relaxing day to yourself or with friends. Especially around this time of year, the beaches aren't as populated, so you basically get a whole beach to yourself. If you close your eyes, and have a big imagination, it almost feels like you're on a tropical island. If you enjoy the landscape of the beach, or just some peacefulness, you have to make it to Presque Isle before temperatures drop below zero and we're 12ft deep in snow.


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Everyone in Erie likes to go to Presque Isle, but Erie Bluffs State Park is great for a change of pace. Erie Bluffs is about 20 minutes west of Presque Isle and is very undeveloped. Its 587 acres of forest with access to Lake Erie from Elk Creek and cliffs that look over the lake! The only man-made structures are a few pavilions and a boat launch. I love this place because it's so peaceful. For example, my friends and I stumbled upon some deer bedded in some tall grass near the trail, and we had a staring contest with them for a good 5 minutes. On a kayak trip there I watched bank swallows perform aerial acrobatics near their nests in the cliffs. I highly recommend this place if you want some peace and quiet, or if you want a new place for walking or kayaking!


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If you’re looking for an outdoor activity that doesn’t have to do with the beach, the Erie Zoo might be the place for you! (Yes, I know that rhymes) The zoo is a fun place for all ages, if you have family visiting you at school, you might want to consider bringing them here! Your elderly grandma and your toddler niece or nephew and everyone in between will enjoy it. Prices are affordable and there are multiple chances for ticket coupons! There’s also four different food stands within the zoo and it’s a quick drive from the zoo to the main drag of Erie, Peach Street, where there are PLENTY of food options! And if it starts to rain, you’re a quick ride away from the Millcreek Mall which is all indoors! Hope your last few warm days in Erie are beautiful! 

My favorite thing to do in Erie when it is nice out is going to Presque Isle, and eating at Sara’s. Walking on the beach makes you feel like you’re not in dreary Erie anymore, and when it’s nice out, you can bring a towel and lay out and soak up some sun. After you go to the beach, you can stop at Sara’s on your way out. When I go to Sara’s, I always have to get a black raspberry milkshake! Their milkshakes are the absolute best. They have an indoor and outdoor seating area, and there’s plenty of room to fit a big group of people! Sara’s also has great food; their curly fries are always something I always look forward too!

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