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Dr Urraro puts the fantastic in fantastico! Her experience and vibrant personality make her classes exciting and educational. Get ready to learn about Behrend’s favorite Spanish teacher!


Degrees: BA from John Carroll University; Master’s degree from Kent State University; PhD from the Ohio State University (but don’t hold that against me!)

Focus: My focus is on contemporary female-authored Spanish drama, especially through the lens of sex and sexuality, although I am currently collaborating on projects with Dr Ashley Sullivan that revolve around transgender kids in education, and LGBTQ+ children’s picture books.

What I teach this semester: SPAN 002 and SPAN 003 (although I am filling in for someone teaching SPAN 001 for a few weeks)

Fun things I like to do: I love to travel to Spain! I enjoy reading, acting (I am part of a murder mystery troupe), and, of course, playing with my four cats!

Countries you’ve visited/ travelled to: Canada, Mexico, Monaco (well, it’s a principality), France, Morocco, Spain

Why do you think it’s important to know multiple languages: Knowing any languages makes one more marketable in today’s global economy, regardless of the field. Knowing multiple languages increases one’s marketability exponentially! Additionally, more exposure to multiple peoples and cultures increases one’s tolerance and understanding of differences

Key piece of advice: All that really matters in life is what we can do to help one another

Funniest teacher story: I was bouncing around class (as I usually do), and slipped and fell behind the desk; nonetheless, I jumped up and said, “I’m okay!” Everyone laughed!

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