Don't Forget: Register To Vote

November 6, 2018

That date might seem pointless to you right now but it's a date that everyone in the country should know! It's the day of the 2018 midterm elections. Voter turnout for midterm elections is very small and it's time that we change that! Midterm elections play a very important role in America and it's time everyone is aware of that. The midterm election is a pivotal point in a president's term. Midterm elections show where the general public is in terms of happiness with the presidential term. It is one of the chances that Americans have, to do something if they are unhappy/happy with how the country is being run under a president's administration. Unlike parliamentary systems where the one in charge can easily be removed, in our presidential system, the midterm is where we as voting citizens can voice our like or dislike for the current presidential administration. You are able to vote on seats such as congressmen and potential flip the house and senate (party wise). For example, if you are happy with the current President Trump administration, then you are most likely going to vote to keep the house and senate Republican. If you are unhappy you are most likely going to vote to switch the House and Senate to Democratic. Either making it easier to push a Republican agenda by keeping Congress at a majority Republican or switch it to a Democratic Congress and put in more checks and balances for the President! This midterm election gives a good chance for you to be able to voice your opinion and make a change whether you are happy or unhappy with how the current administration is doing.

Not just on a national level like Congress but you will most likely also see local positions on the ballot, for example, PA will be voting on state senators. A lot of times local positions are ignored, where they really shouldn't be! Local elections/ positions are the ones that really directly affect you since they are a lot closer to home! Pay attention to each candidate's platform because the local positions may just make the biggest and quickest impact on you!  

Hopefully, you will be getting out to vote in this midterm election! You can always check your voting place and double check to make sure you are registered at BUT if you can’t physically get to your polling station here's how to do an absentee ballot:

As college students, we barely have time to breathe.  So to be expected to go home to our polling place to vote is just out of the question.  Luckily, there are other ways to fulfill our civic duty. Absentee ballots! Absentee ballots are ballots that are mailed to eligible voters who are not able to make it to their polling on election day.  The next major election is the midterm elections on Tuesday, November 6th. For Pennsylvania residents, all you have to do is fill out an application and have it mailed in by October 30th. From there, you will be sent an absentee ballot. Fill it out and send it to your county Board of Elections by November 3rd! To find your state’s application, just search the web “Your state absentee ballot application”. Fill it out, mail it in and wait for your ballot! Easy. If you are not sure if you are registered, go to to check! From there you can also get help in applying for your absentee ballot as well.  You are probably swamped with work and the stresses of college, so give yourself a break by applying for an absentee ballot.  You can give yourself a breather while flexing your U.S. citizenship muscles! Win-Win.