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There is always that one person that does everything in their power to make life as excruciating as possible for the rest of the class. If you do any of the following things, on behalf of all of your classmates, I say please immediately stop.


First and formost, the person who always has to have an input;


Class discussion is important, and it’s usually for a grade. However, there’s a fine line between being a thoughtful student and being a nuisance to the rest of the class. Without fail, I have at least one class with a student who decides it’s their singular duty to tell the entire class their opinion at ALL. TIMES. I had a class where a fellow student responded to the professor, both prompted and unprompted, in every single class. It truly got to the point where the professor even got sick of the student.

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What’s even worse is when the person who always has an input has to go to the front of the room to present and they’re terrible at public speaking. Please explain the phenomenon where someone can speak at their leisure without any qualms or hesitation in class, but they freeze when it comes to speaking in front of the class. There’s no difference, in fact, you’re more likely more informed and prepared when giving a presentation than when inserting your opinion in class. So why so awkward! If you’re going to be loud in class at least have that same energy when you’re at the front of the room.


Second, the person who always has to tell you how much smarter they are then you;


Words cannot describe how rude and/or annoying it is when you have have that one person in your class that is always trying to one up you in everything that you do. They always have to tell you how good they did on an exam and if for some reason they did not do good on an exam they always have to come up with an exuse why. I no joke have a person that is in all of my classes that everytime she gets he exam back will scream in frount of the whole class about her grade.

She normally resorts to the common “there is no way I did this good, I barely even studied”, or another one of my favorites is ” I really thought I did better than a 94″. It is so unnecessary and makes you look like a really a** hole THB. 



Ramsey Struble

PS Behrend '21

Penn State Behrend//Biology Pre-Optometry